The Candle Review

Product Review Requests

The bulk of the email I receive here at The Candle Review blog is from business owners wanting to find out more information about getting their products reviewed here in a blog post.  Please read all of the information here carefully before contacting me about product reviews.  If you’ve read all of the information below and still have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a fee for getting my product reviewed?
    Yes.  The fee is currently set at $10 dollars per review to be payed through Paypal.
  2. Why is there a fee?
    The fee is to help offset the operational costs of this blog.
  3. Do I have to send you the product(s) I’m requesting for review?
    Yes.  You must ship the product to me at your expense in order for me to perform my review.
  4. Can I share my product review with customers or on social media?
    I hope you do!
  5. What if my product receives an unfavorable review or I’m not happy with the review?
    My goal in doing reviews is to provide honest feedback on potential products in which my readers may be interested in purchasing.  Luckily, for you and them, it’s pretty hard to screw up a good scented candle, although not impossible.  If for any reason you are unhappy with your review for any reason I will remove it from the blog upon your request.  The fee is non-refundable.
  6. When can I expect to see my review posted on your blog?
    The goal that I strive to achieve is to have products reviewed and published on the blog within two weeks of receiving them.

Recommendations and Things to Consider

If you’re willing to pay to have your business’s candle product reviewed then I will assume you’re confident in your product and you’re confident it would receive a good overall review, but to be sure please keep the following things in mind:

  • Scent throw considerations: If your product is a scented candle please be sure it has a good to great scent throw!  I type my reviews approximately 8-10 feet away from where the candle is burning and I’ll need to be able to smell it!
  • Burn quality considerations: I’m pretty good at getting a candle to burn very well, but the things you’ll want to look out for here is that your candle doesn’t soot with a properly trimmed wick, the wick is mostly centered in the container (unless multi-wicked candle), and a wax pool is capable of forming to the edges or close to the edges after several hours of burning.
  • Aesthetics considerations: I take photos of the products you send to include in my blog posts and I do my best to make them look attractive in the photos. That said, you can send whatever products you want for the review, but I would recommend you send products that you feel should photograph well.
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