Product Review Requests

(Review Request Policy Updated 6/1/2018)

The bulk of the email I receive here at The Candle Review blog is from business owners wanting to find out more information about getting their products reviewed here in a blog post.  As I life tends to do, I have become a lot more busy with other endeavors since I first launched this blog which has taken away the time I’d like to spend on performing actual reviews.  However this blog still receives around 2,000 readers per month, so I definitely would like to keep providing them fresh content.  So starting now I’ll begin accepting guest posts from folks wanting their product reviewed to publish on the blog.  If this sounds like something you may be interested in then continue reading!


To ensure quality content here at TCR every guest post will be reviewed before publishing.  Please know that I will not publish the content if the grammar and content is not up to my standards, or for any other reason.  Here are a list of standards to consider when creating your guest post:

  • At least 300 words
  • 3-5 quality pictures of the product that I can include in the post
  • Grammatically correct content is a must.
  • Keep it interesting!  (e.g. tell an interesting story about how your company got started or give the reader some behind the scenes info).  If the content you create is solely a sales pitch to buy your product it’s highly unlikely to get published.  It’s okay to talk about how great your baby is, but there needs to be more to it than that.

If you think you are up for the task please contact me through the Contact Form and we can discuss details.  I’d love to partner with you to be able to showcase your company and product(s) while also generating new, exciting, and interesting content here at

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