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Tips for Maximizing Scent Throw

Let’s face it, the majority of us burn candles not only for the great mood they can set, but also for the awesome aromas in which they can fill an area with.  The scent throw of a candle correlates to…
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Unique Starbucks Coffee Scented Soy Candle

Okay, this is truly a one of a kind, unique candle.  This is a hand made, coffee scented, soy wax candle poured in a re-purposed glass Starbucks ice coffee container.  It’s really a work of art. I found this gem…
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Summer Time Candle Burning – Happy Father’s Day!

Greetings, fellow candle aficionados.  It’s Sunday morning, Father’s day, and also the first day of Summer today! This morning I’m relaxing on the couch as I write this, drinking coffee, and enjoying an autumn aroma filling up our living room…
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Tea Lights and Wax Melts – A Perfect Combination

If you’ve ever found yourself desiring a more intense scent throw from your candles when you’re burning them then this post was written just for you.  If I had to quantify the difference between the scent throws of a typical…
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Effectiveness of Citronella Candles

Welcome, candle aficionados! Summer time is almost upon us and that means lots of outdoor activities for many.  Along with these activities typically comes relentless battling with hungry mosquitoes. If you’re like me you may have already lost several of…
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Oil Lamps are Freaking Awesome

Candle nerds unite!  Well for this post it’s more like Oil Lamp nerds unite.  The title of this blog might indicate that this a “candles only” kinda blog, but I very much want it to touch on the fringes of…
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Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Jar Review

Welcome fellow candle connoisseurs.  I’m super excited that I finally get to share with you The Candle Review’s first actual review of a candle!  As with any new endeavor I’m learning as I go but my hope is that you…
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Necessity of Wick Trimming

Hello again aspiring candle aficionados!  Today we tackle another important best burning practice: Keeping your candle wick appropriately trimmed. Ahhhh!  Who knew candles required so much knowledge and maintenance?!  It’s really a simple task, but it’s an important practice to…
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