Hope. Love. Dream. Wax Warmers!

my-new scented-wax-warmer

My very first wax warmer! And look I even dusted our end table to take this picture. My wife will appreciate that I’m sure!

Wax warmers are one of the candle’s oft overlooked side kicks that can provide excellent scent throws in a short amount of time while many also offer a warm and subtle light creating a relaxing ambiance in any room. I was lucky enough to receive my first ever electric wax warmer this past Christmas and I’ve really put that thing through it’s paces ever since. It’s a Better Homes and Gardens brand and amazingly sells for only 10 bucks at Walmart. It also came with a 6 pack of cinnamon spice melts and a 6 pack of butterscotch maple cream melts which aren’t particularly my favorite scents but it’s enough to get ya started if you don’t already have some melts lying around the house!

I decided to put my new wax warmer in our bedroom and the decor and style that it brings fits perfectly there. This optimistic feel-good warmer has the mantra of “Hope Love Dream” printed in elegant cursive typeface on each of it’s sides, but my favorite aspect of it is that it throws off relaxing little light patterns all across our bedroom walls with the light emanating from little circular holes near the top of the warmer’s base. It is truly a delight to use when we’re sitting in the bed watching Netflix as it gently wafts wonderful fragrances about creating that comforting ambiance throughout the room.

Not only does this wax warmer looks nice but it functions superbly as well. I can place a solid standard sized wax melt on the plate that sits on top of this nifty little device and it’s completely transformed into a liquid state within twenty to thirty minutes. The body and plate are both made of ceramic which has a glazed finish to it. The warmer’s 25 watt light bulb housed inside the ceramic base is powered by your standard AC electric power cord.

I can say that for 10 dollars the one I have is nothing short of a fantastic bargain, but there are so many other warmers available that basically function the same way that come in a variety of different styles. Here are few examples of some of that variety. Click on any of the wax warmers below to view their current price at Amazon.

[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00QE8AL4M] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00FEDSU96] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B002T6X2HG]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00DQXOOQE] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B004J6UHGS] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B007IFNUS4]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00Y450IRM] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B0153TNMKM] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B0153TNP8G]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00BG5UWJ2] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00IU8ZLA8] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00SPLNOAE]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00SPLNS9Q] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00SPLNQB6] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B010OSPXU4]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B010RILHLU] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B0153TNH4S] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B010U3MEAA]

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