The Candle Journey Begins

The Candle Review Blog beings

Hello, fellow candle NERDS!  To launch this blog I thought it’d be prudent to share my own quick my story of becoming a candle nerd myself.

It all started a couple of winters ago when I received a large jar candle from my mother-in-law as a birthday gift.   I was a bit perplexed by the gift because up to that point I had never really bothered to use candles.  I honestly didn’t have any kind of appreciation for them or really ever even thought to use them in our house.  But I mean what young man in his early 30’s does?

I’ll say though that once I lit that candle up one winter evening that all changed!  The wax pool formed after burning it for about an hour or so and I became immediately hooked.  The pleasing aroma of fall pumpkin spice lingering throughout our downstairs and the relaxed feeling I got from the glow of the flame on our mantle was enough for me to become a life long candle fan.  I realize that sounds ridiculous but it is absolutely true!

I burned the candle basically every night after the initial burn since I enjoyed it so much.  I came to find out later that the candle itself was It was just one of those el-cheapo Better Homes and Gardens brand that you can purchase at any Walmart for around $5.  That cheapo candle lasted us for maybe two or three months (unfortunately I can’t remember exactly how long since it was a couple of years ago now) and never did lose its scent.  I remember at the time I didn’t know how to properly burn candles so I remember the thing tunneling pretty bad.  Since then I’ve come to learn a few tricks which I plan to share in future blog posts.  Hopefully someone reading will be able to get the most out of your candles when you burn them too.

Since then I’ve purchased all types of candles and now even my two year old daughter loves to smell my inventory of them. She MAKES me get them out of the entertainment center cabinet I keep them stored in so she can smell each one (sadly if I don’t comply I run the risk of dealing with a toddler tantrum… I’ve learned to pick and choose my battles with her).  And I can’t help but smell each one of them right along with her!  They’re such a great and simple way to set the ambiance of the room and the scents of these things are amazing.

In this blog I want to give honest reviews of the candles that I burn and maybe even some of the candle accessories that I use.  I’ve got ideas for posts I want to write to discuss some candle burning best practices that I’ve picked up along the way and I hope to be able to help answer any questions from readers directly in the comments section.  If I run across any deals too good to pass up I’ll look to share those with you as well.  My candle inventory has been pretty stocked but I do plan on looking for some new burns in the near future.  If I find any gems I’ll be sure to pass them along!

Happy burning!

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