The Importance of a Candle Topper

Yankee Candle with bronze metal candle topperAloha fellow candle nerds! In my last post The Importance of a Wax Pool I discussed the problems that arise when you don’t allow a full wax pool to form. In this post I’ll be explaining the what and how of an absolute must-have candle accessory for larger jar candles to help you achieve a perfect wax pool:
the candle topper.

When to use a candle topper

Before we get into it I should mention that a candle topper is meant to be used with larger jar candles and tumblers with a larger diameter and are not for use with your smaller jars or container candles with small diameters.  Basically the smaller the candle is in width the easier and faster the wax pool forms so a candle topper for these candle types aren’t really necessary.  Also, toppers are typically not needed with the 3-wick candles as the three flames produce enough heat to quickly form a wax pool.  So if you like to burn large single wick jars read on!

So what the heck is a candle topper?

A candle topper is typically an elegantly designed metal “lid” that sits on top of your larger jar candles while they burn.  I currently have two candle toppers each with a generic design so I can use them year round.  There are all sorts of candle toppers available and with unique designs for different times of the year.  You can even get a shamrock designed topper to use around St. Patrick’s day if you’re really digging the Celtic culture!  Toppers are also great if you burn candles in a dark room as they cast the beautiful designs on the ceiling and around the room, depending on the position of your candle.  And since they’re made of metal they will last forever!  I’ve had both of mine for two years and use them all the time with my large jars and they still look as new as the day I got them.

How does a candle topper work?

If you’ve ever burned a large candle you may notice the flame flickering and dancing about.  A candle topper essentially eliminates this flicker allowing a constant heat source to radiate out over the wax surface allowing for a consistent and even burn.  The toppers design also allows the candle to retain the heat which is needed to form larger wax pools.

Variety of Candle toppers designs

As you can see candle toppers come in a variety of designs.  Click on any of the candle toppers below to check their current price at Amazon.

[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00JJXIVA0] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B012S6H2DG] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B0197VQ3TY]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00CQFQYXO] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00JJXO63Q] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B009A2N8MG]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B012S6GPIE] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B006ML3IZU] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00TKKYB60]
[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B003H2D41A] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00JRVX9DS] [amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00JJXJR6C]

Candle Burning Safety Tip: This probably goes without saying but the candle toppers get pretty hot when you use them with a burning candle. I figured I’d mention this since (I hate to admit this!) I myself have touched a topper on a few occasions after a candle burn and let me tell you it’s quite unpleasant!


  1. Lynn

    I am looking for candle toppers to leave outside at a Marian Shrine. The topper needs to protect the flame from wind and rain? Is there any toppers that you are aware of?

  2. Rieu

    Just a tip, St. Patrick’s day is a Christian-based holiday celebrated by the Irish in Ireland, not the Celts from northern England. The Celts are considered pagan, not christian.

  3. Barb

    Thanks for the River Drive tip!

  4. DavidLit

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  5. MatthewWiple

  6. Pam

    How to recycle toppers.
    I have many toppers.
    Any ideas ?

    1. Victoria

      I am in need of at least 15 candle toppers. We use the tall candles (in the glass) for our processions at Posada and Simbang Gabi, at our Catholic Church. I can’t afford to buy that many at $10 to $15 each, but would be glad to give you a couple dollars per each.
      They need to fit the candles that stand about 6-8 inches tall with the pictures of the Saints, Virgin Mary, Divine Jesus., probably 2 to 2 1/2 inch diameter. My name is Victoria

      1. Wendy


        Check amazon. they have some for 6-12 dollars.

  7. Anonymous

    Hello all. Just to clarify, a illumalid topper does NOT go onto a large tumbler candle. Yankee Candle toppers are only designed for the large classic jar or medium classic jar.

  8. Vivian Ruth Sawyer

    Where can I find candle toppers for larger candles, such as 4” wide? The Yankee Candle toppers fall down inside of these.

    1. Allison

      River Drive Designs in Cartersville, GA has great candle toppers, and they can make any size you need with any design you want! They do custom metal work and are very easy to work with.

      1. Rebecca

        Thank you! That’s close to me

      2. Vivian Ruth Sawyer

        Thank you! I just went there and ordered two!

  9. Vivian Ruth Sawyer

    Where can I find toppers for larger candles, such as 4” wide? The Yankee Candle toppers are too small for these.

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  13. Rebecca

    Do you know of any candle toppers that fit bath and Bodyworks candles?

  14. Penelope Drummond

    I’ve been using a candle topper for about 4 years and don’t burn a candle without one. The candle burns even so you burn the complete candle, there is no well as happens without the topper.


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