Wish Upon a Candle’s Inner Peace Wish Candle Review

Wish upon a Candle package

I’m so excited!  Yesterday I received my Inner Peace Seaglass scented soy candle courtesy of Wish Upon a Candle and today I’ve got it fired up and burning on the end table beside me as I type out this post.

Wish candles, as they’re called, come with a bit of a twist.  Each Wish candle has a ‘Wish Stone Necklace’ and a tiny rolled up scroll containing a wish placed inside of a decorative pouch which is placed inside the jar on the top of the candle.

Even as a grown man I must admit I was a bit excited to open the pouch to reveal what was inside and although I’m not likely to be wearing the pink stone necklace that came with my candle anytime soon I’m quite certain my daughter or my wife are going to be enjoying it.

Wish Upon a Candle Packaged
The candle has instructions on the back of the candle jar lid on how to make a wish with your Wish candle before lighting it.  I admit I did not participate in the wishing aspect of this candle though.. (note to self: You have got to quit taking yourself so seriously!)  The additional accessories that come with every Wish candle make them a fun and unique gift idea.

All accessories aside though, the candle itself burns pretty nicely.  The scent itself is very appealing, and a bit hard to put into words.  It’s maybe somewhere in between perfumey and cologny (ha! and I don’t think those are real words.. but you catch my drift!) but it’s not one or the other and it’s not overbearing either. I also detect tones of woodiness, green leaves, and maybe a subtle sweet citrus scent. It’s one of those scents you just have to experience for yourself.  It really is an ideal scent for relaxing or meditating (and aptly called ‘Inner Peace’).

The scent throw isn’t too bad for a smaller soy candle, however in my larger living area when I put it up on the fireplace mantle it’s a bit difficult to smell from across the room.  I decided to move the candle closer to me on my end table which sits right beside me and now I’m able to get good strong whiffs of it’s unique and calming aroma.  I’d recommend using it in a smaller room such as a bedroom or bathroom to really get the most out of this candle.

As an extra bonus I was thrilled when I tried both of my illumalid jar candle toppers on my Wish candle and they both fit perfectly!  Read my post on jar candle toppers to see why I think they’re a must, especially for these kind of wider jar style candles.

I think it makes it look real purdy too!


Overall I’m really enjoying this candle.  Once I post this I’ll be relaxing, listening to some mellow solo piano music and soaking in this inner peace for the rest of my day!  If you’re interested in trying out this candle for yourself you can buy it directly from their Etsy shop or you can visit their website www.wishuponacandle.com to view the variety of other scented Wish candles they offer.

Have a great week, fellow candle nerds!

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  1. Melissa

    Great article! How do you feel about custom candles? I hand pour and customize all my candles. You should take a look.



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