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The Importance of a Candle Topper

Aloha fellow candle nerds! In my last post The Importance of a Wax Pool I discussed the problems that arise when you don’t allow a full wax pool to form. In this post I’ll be explaining the what and how…
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Great wax pool

The importance of the wax pool

Candle nerds unite!  I do wonder if this blog is the first time in the history of mankind that the term “candle nerds” has been used.  It’s gotta be, right? So before we get into awesome wax pools I’ve got…
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The Candle Journey Begins

Hello, fellow candle NERDS!  To launch this blog I thought it’d be prudent to share my own quick my story of becoming a candle nerd myself. It all started a couple of winters ago when I received a large jar…
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