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FRAENDI CANDLES – Homemade & Customizable Hygge Candles

We asked our friends over at the Frændi Candle company if they would do a guest post for us, which they so kindly obliged.

These are beautiful candles that offer the extra touch of customization which could make for the perfect gift.  And although the small company is based in Amsterdam, the co-founder assured us they ship to the U.S. as well.

We hope you enjoy getting to know more about them as much as we did!

Frændi ( is a Franco-Dutch candle company based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

The name Frændi means “friend” or “partner” in old Scandinavian. Frændi candles are the result of friendship and real team-work.

Hygge Candles

Fraendi Candle Unlit“Bringing Hygge home” is our mission.  Hygge [pronounced HU-GAH] is a Scandinavian concept which literally translates into “coziness”.  It relates to a feeling of comfort and happiness during simple moments.

Hygge is known to be a major factor of happiness in Scandinavian countries, including Denmark (ranked the world’s happiest country).  Candles are the most Hygge-like item one can own. They warm up the whole atmosphere and make it feel more intimate.  Have you ever wondered why we talk about “candlelight dinners” whenever one has a romantic date?!

The idea behind Frændi is to re-create that feeling of coziness in the middle of your living-room, simply by lighting the most Hygge-like candle possible.

Customize-able, Personalized Candles

Fraendi candles are homemade and customizeable. They are made at home in the middle of our messy kitchen.

The bamboo lid of the candle can be engraved with a special message of your choosing. It then becomes a unique item which makes it the perfect personalized gift!

Natural Candles

The idea behind Frændi is also to offer natural and minimalist candles that can bring a touch of Scandinavian simplicity wherever they are.  Frændi candles are without additives and coloring. They naturally look like pictures you see here.

The candles are made of natural soy wax and the wooden wick offers the cracking sound of a bonfire when it is burning.  The glass jar also unveils the natural color of the soy wax, which burns longer and better than paraffin wax. Soy wax is also known as an all-natural and non-toxic wax, unlike paraffin.

The candle scent is also 100% natural, as it comes from the wax itself.

Mediation & Relaxation Candles

Being so natural and minimalist, Frændi candles are perfect for meditation and relaxation.  Light up a candle and start your meditation session by focusing on the flame.  You can enjoy these candles for many a relaxing evenings as this 450 ml candle burns for 60+ hours.


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