Handcrafted Candles perfect for the Summer (part 1)

Summmer time garden
Aloha, fellow candle aficionados!  Here we are, we’ve fully bloomed right into the 2015 hot season.  Now is the perfect time to relax and get to savoring some unique summer themed aromas to usher us through these dog days of summer.  Our very first candle review focused on Yankee Candle’s Summer Scoop but today we’re going to take “the road less traveled” to look at some of the unique handcrafted summer scented candles from much smaller vendors.



#1) Gardenia Scented Candle Gardenia scented double wick soy candle

There’s nothing quite like getting a whiff of a blooming gardenia bush in the summer.  This double wicked gardenia scented soy candle caught my attentio n as a perfect candidate to replicate that sensation in my downstairs living area.

The one drawback of this candle is that it uses soy wax which produces a bit less of a scent thr ow.  I know the soy candles are hugely popular these days, especially with the smaller vendors, but I must say my research has led me to believe the benefits of soy wax have been exaggerated.

You’ll still get quite a decent throw with soy wax candles, but just know they’re not quite on par with the paraffin wax candles.  That said, there’s nothing but praise for this particular candle’s scent in the reviews that I read.


#2) Watermelon Scented Candle


This watermelon scented candle not only smells great but it also fits in perfectly with any summer themed decor.  This candle’s artistic touch made it a must have in our summer series.

I’m a sucker for ingenuity and creativity when it comes to candles which you might have noticed from my earlier post highlighting this creative Starbucks candle.

#3) Summer Beach Trip Scented Candle Unique Beach trip scented soy candle

Any decent summer themed candle series just isn’t complete without a beach scented candle.

This contemporary looking soy wax candle that has a unique smell of ozone, salt, and escape is handcrafted in Austin, Texas.

Honestly I wasn’t sure about a candle whose scent description included salt but the reviews from folks who’ve actually purchased these are glowing which is why I’ve included it.

I’ve not smelled this one myself but I absolutely love the modern look of the tin can. If the modern look catches your eye too then the seller of this beach candle has a variety of other scents poured in  the same tin container you may want to check out.




Guys and gals: I truly hope you remember to take time this summer to relax, live in the moment as much as possible, count your blessings, and explore new things.  Happy candle burning, candle nerds!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

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  1. Kate Hoffstetter

    Check out Molly Rue Candles. They have amazing summer scents. My favorite are Lovely, Blooming Sakura and Island Escape. http://www.mollyrue.com/


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