Yankee Candles

Why Yankee Candles Suck!

yankee candles get a thumbs down

(The Candle Review’s recommended alternative to Yankee Candles: Candle Berry Candles) I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to even publish this post. Yankee Candle sits alone atop the candle world and by far has the biggest fanbase amongst candle…
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Yankee Candle Under the Palms Review

I’m burning Yankee Candle’s Under the Palms scented large jar candle and it’s a single degree above freezing outside this morning. I honestly don’t mind winter but you know sometimes it can be good for the soul to ponder on…
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Best Deals on Yankee Candles

Burning wax is just one of my passions.  Another fanaticism I’ve developed over the years is finding ways to save money.  It’s become a bit of a game for me to see how far I can get a buck to…
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Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Jar Review

Welcome fellow candle connoisseurs.  I’m super excited that I finally get to share with you The Candle Review’s first actual review of a candle!  As with any new endeavor I’m learning as I go but my hope is that you…
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