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Why Yankee Candles Suck!

I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to even publish this post. Yankee Candle sits alone atop the candle world and by far has the biggest fanbase amongst candle users world wide.

There are countless blogs, Facebook groups, twitter users, etc. that are dedicated to espousing their unconditional love for this company. I mean heck, right here on this blog one of my favorite posts I did was with the Yankee Candle Sisters who run their own Yankee Candle blog.

So as the creator of a candle blog why would I go out of my way to potentially alienate a large portion of my readership? At the end of the day it comes down to being true to myself and to you the reader.

For several months now, and with each scentless or near scentless candle I burn from this company, I’ve found myself trying to give Yankee Candle the benefit of the doubt. My latest Yankee Candle that I’ve been burning however has been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

I can no longer deny the fact that at least half of the Yankee Candle’s I’ve recently purchased have offered zero to minuscule scent throw even in the tiniest of rooms.

Yankee Candles suck! No fragrance.The latest candle in question is their Mountain Lake scent. It literally smells like nothing when burning. It’s just a big blue wax scentless candle. And at a regular price of $28 that’s almost as much a slap in the face as the candidates I have to choose from for the 2016 US presidential election (there I go.. alienating people again!). Not really, but I think you get my point.

The prior Yankee Candle I burned, Winter Woods, was hardly much better. Meadow Mist and Lake Sunset scents were also a couple that I picked up in my last haul. They’re both a joke.

I can only speculate but it feels like today Yankee Candle spends more time designing their labels for their candles than actually doing quality assurance testing on their products.

Seriously, how hard is it to test a candle’s scent before releasing it? Just light it up and wait 30 minutes or so. IF IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE ANYTHING don’t slap a pretty label on it and tell me it’s going to transport me to the winter woods, the mountain lake, or a misty meadow.

My $5 large jar candles I pick up on occasion from Walmart consistently have a medium to strong scent throw. Someone tell me why I should drop an extra $23 dollars on a name brand whose scent throw consistency doesn’t even come close?

These days there are way too many alternate candle companies that offer more affordable and less “risky” candles in my opinion. Even the “mom and pop” shops on Etsy are going to be able to offer you better quality for your money. Why? Because they have to in order to survive. They don’t have the luxury of having the most dominant name brand in the industry.

It’s important to note, of course, that not all of their candles are majorly lacking, but it still seems they’re content peddling a lot of crap (No. Not even.. at least crap smells like something!) behind a once esteemed brand name.

So in summary, Yankee Candle dominates the candle market but I’m getting the vibe that lately they’re more concerned with their bottom line rather than producing a high quality product for their customers.

Feel free to roast me in the comments section! I’ve got thick skin… I think.


  1. Anonymous

    I heard that Yankee Candle was bought out by another company and evidently, they went cheap! They WERE the best, NO MORE! Everything said in this original post is accurate. I have recently discovered Crossroads out of OH and also (is it “dw home”?) These are very rich smelling candles and they are my new favorites. Forget about Yankee. They may look nice but so what if you can’t smell them!!!

    1. Anonymous (Employee)

      You heard right. Yankee Candle was bought out by WoodWick, who also has a very subtle and barely-there scent.

      1. Monica

        Actually, Newell Corp (Rubbermaid) owns Yankee Candle and Newell purchased Woodwick, spring 2017 due to Woodwicks outstanding sales. Newell owns a massive number of big household name products, such as Calphalon, Lenox, Sharpie, Elmers, Goody, etc… Look them up. Wood wick was an excellent candle prior to the purchase. The scent has been poor for almost a year now. Yankee Candle has been awful far longer.

  2. Amy Wells

    I sell Country Scents Candles. They are a new company, less than a year old, and they have great scents, that do give off the aroma when burning.
    The price of the candles are much more affordable, and burn times for them are up to 40 and 80 hours, for the 8 and 16 oz jars.
    I am a yankee fan, but have stopped buying because the cost of the candles are just too high in my opinion, and I have had some that don’t really give off much of a fragrance when others are better priced and smell great. Yankee Candles are beautifully packaged, and a great company to go visit and shop, but I usually end up leaving empty handed.
    If you love candles and are looking for an alternative, give this new small business a try.
    Side note, although anyone can just shop via the link and place orders, in case anyone is interested – they are free to join the company – you get 25% off all your purchases being a consultant – with no fees and quota’s. You can share your link if you choose- and if people shop using your link, you make money – if not, there is no requirement to do so. you can simply sign up for the discount! It is an amazing company. Lots of new scents being introduced frequently!
    (full disclosure: This is a new company, so the price of shipping may seem high until they reach a certain quota of sales before they start getting better offers- please keep in mind, the products are very well packaged and can be heavy)
    From the owners: Country scents candles are owned by power couple Naomi and David Myers and located in Shepherdsville Ky. Our candle shop is where all the magic happens. We have been in the candle making business for years and love being able to bring our amazing products to others. We take pride in creating scents that are long lasting and do not include chemical dyes. We believe in a quality soy product that you can feel good about using in your homes. We are certified ky proud, FDA approved soy, and kosher certified- we only use the highest ingredients here at country scents candles, and our wicks are all 100% cotton. We believe in offering the best ingredients to our customers at an affordable price. We try to only use essential oils to scent our products when we can for a particular scent, but we do also use fragrance oils in some of our products to create a festive scent you will enjoy.

    We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! Candles are our passion!

  3. Aj

    I disagree. There is definitely a scent from the last couple Yankee Candles I burned. A nauseating cheap wax smell. Nothing else, really, just the disgusting cheap wax. I’m done.

    1. SJL

      I had the same issue. It would not have been so bad if I were just left with a wax scent throughout my rooms but instead it smelled like you said – cheap wax and in my case a nauseating chemical smell. I wouldn’t even burn my the rest of my tarts just hoping for a bit of scent because the smell of the wax and chemicals was just too overwhelming.

  4. Katie

    Here’s more fuel for a well deserved fire: I ordered the 5 for $8 MEDIUM candles TC was running on special a couple of days ago. Just got notified they didn’t have the stock to fill the order and would refund my money. Went to the site and low and behold!!! they ARE in stock, but at a higher price!!! The sale price was no bargain-they are crazy if they think I’m paying MORE for them!
    What with the much too evident declining quality and horrible customer service like this, I am so through with this company. Yankee Candle is just not worth it anymore. There are waaaay too many candle manufacturers that make just as good if not better candles. And I know I’ll be happier too with the money I’ll save in the long run.

    1. Katie

      Here’s more fuel for a well deserved fire: I ordered the 5 for $8 MEDIUM candles YC was running on special a couple of days ago. Just got notified they didn’t have the stock to fill the order and would refund my money. Went to the site and low and behold!!! they ARE in stock, but at a higher price!!! The sale price was no bargain-they are crazy if they think I’m paying MORE for them!
      What with the much too evident declining quality and horrible customer service like this, I am so through with this company. Yankee Candle is just not worth it anymore. There are waaaay too many candle manufacturers that make just as good if not better candles. And I know I’ll be happier too with the money I’ll save in the long run.

  5. Jean

    I also have lost all confidence in Yankee Candles. I bought 6 in October because I had a coupon, none of them had a strong scent. Such a waste of money. I thought I was crazy, I would ask friends who would come in if they could smell the candles, they would say faintly. I’m done buying Yankee Candles and will go back to Village Candles which you can purchase in most grocery stores. I have better luck buying the Better Homes and Gardens or the Mainstay brand tarts and get more scent out of them.

  6. Anonymous

    Keep in mind that though Yankee Candles are $28 regularly, if you burn them and don’t like it, you can bring it back or exchange it, as it is said in the policy.

    Though, as a worker of a Yankee Candle store, I agree with you. They suck for much worse reasons than just their candles though.

    1. Michelle Dasilva

      You are soooooo right !!! I just spent a lot of money for 5 candles. I’m so unhappy!!! No scent at all!! The one wick burns awful. I wrote an Email to the company but no response yet !! Done buying there candles 🙁

      1. Anonymous

        Honestly, emailing corporate won’t get a thing done for you. They’re horrible.

        I literally tried to call them because one of the assistant managers of our store (our store manager was clustering to a different store, so wasn’t around often) was harassing me and sabotaging me. He would white-out any personalized I did, and take credit for my sales.

        He said that I was fat and ugly and that to look more professional for the company I should look up models in work attire on the internet.

        Anyway, I tried to call them and as soon as I started talking about what was happening in our store, they hung up on me and wouldn’t take my call after.

        He’s caused 4 other assistant managers to quit, and several associates. Including myself, as of yesterday, since our store manager (despite not being there) stands up for him and backs him up on anything he does.

        — previous Yankee Candle worker who gave the hint about their 100% satisfaction policy —

    2. Katty Hechevarria

      I’m glad to see you are a Yankee Candle employee and agree on the same issue. My hubby bought me 3 candles from this store for my birthday and when I lit the first one (lemon scent) noticed that it didn’t have any fragrance…none at all. I left it burning for a few hours and nothing. Even the hubby agreed that there was no fragrance. I then decide to return all 3 to the store because why would I waste my time in burning the others. Once at the store the clerk is selling me some BS story that apparently I didn’t cut it using a wicker trimmer and maybe that’s why it didn’t give out any fragrance. She also went to mention how I am turning off the flame wrong (I used the lid of the candle to turn off the flame, as I have always done with the candles from bath and body without an issue). She continue to belittle me and tell me how I’m doing it wrong. Seriously how wrong can one be while lighting the wick. At the end of the day I couldn’t return because I didn’t have the CC that was used when the candles were bought. I told her I will take the candles home again and light them all up and see if I get any fragrance from any of them. Once I got home I lit up the the next (Macintosh) and still there is no fragrance. I will definitely head back to the store to return all 3 again. Very disappointed on their latest candles. I will continue with other brands that actually give fragrance.

      1. Anonymous (Employee)

        You were right to call that BS.

        Do you know what trimming the wick actually does? It just keeps the soot down (which in a way, does help the fragrance kind of). But it would have absolutely nothing to do with the first lighting having no fragrance. That is, unfortunately, part of their brand.

        And while putting out the flame by putting the lid back on isn’t suggested (as sometimes it will give you a little smokey smell added to the fragrance when you light it), it still should not mess with the fragrance.

        If they try to argue with you on refunding then next time, call corporate while you are in the store and complain that the store in [enter city, state, etc here] is NOT FOLLOWING THE 100% SATISFACTION policy. That will get them jumping to help real quick.

        Because even if they were right (they aren’t) the store will get trouble if corporate is called and a customer is unhappy. We are expected to have happy customers more than we are expected to tell them “No” about something.

        Though, I’m not sure what type of candle you got before, but they will always suggest the Large Tumbler if you got a large classic jar candle.

        Which, it does pull out the fragrance faster since it has two wicks, but it is still very light.

        All in all, honestly, you’d do better to stick with Bath & Body Works, or even the new brand that is cheap but strong scent and long lastig that they sell in TJ Maxx.

        I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard time. Hopefully you can get a refund and all will work out well!

      2. Anonymous (Employee)

        I should also say that since Corporate is also likely to brush this off, depending on who is there and the day lol, that’s why I mentioned calling in-store.

        As soon as they realizing you’re talking to corporate, they’ll be worried.

        Bring it up at the counter as well, if they refuse your refund.

  7. Susan Morrison

    I have also found that Bath and Body Works candles are not throwing a strong scent anymore either! Very discouraging especially since today is their once-a-year candle sale. I’m not going to bother. I think I will try the $5 Walmart ones instead.

    1. Judy

      Yes, I agree with you. I have got a few candles from Walmart, the Better Homes & Garden brand, and they burn clean and have a pretty decent scent ! Try their FreshCut Fraiser, yourhouse will smell like a Christmas tree. The 13oz size is under $5, and the 18oz is like, $6. The Fresh Orchard Apple is awesome too. I’m just about Done w/ Yankee, and I tried Goose Creek and was disappointed as well.

  8. Catherine

    Went into a Yankee Candle shop a couple days ago to purchase my favorite Christmas candle, Mistletoe, and it definitely was not the same candle as past purchases. Different green and the strangest thing was all the cracks running through the candle, some very large. Most every candle I picked up had these cracks. What’s the deal with that? Didn’t buy anything!

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  10. SJL

    The loss of quality over the past few years has been staggering. I placed a large order with Yankee Candle a few months ago with the intent of having everyday tarts to burn and also to stock up on Autumn and Holiday scents. I opened my go-to scent, Sage and Citrus, and it crumbled into dust. The scent is practically non-existent and that goes for all of the other scents I purchased. I should have figured it out last year when I bought a large jar candle for Christmas and the formerly strong scent which would fill the room was barely registering.

    I believe they’re now owned by a NY based company which also owns the Rubbermaid brand. How appropriate as the candles now smell like burning wax, chemicals and, oh yeah, a hint of scent. Way to ruin a former family-owned business. I’m done and this was most definitely my last order with Yankee Candle.

    1. lisa

      Well, my sporadic experiences have been confirmed by the posts on this site and I cant say I’m happy about it. Actually, I’m nearly devastated….
      I have been a huge fan of Yankee for about 20 years, yet the candles I’ve purchased over the past 2 years have been disappointing. Maybe 1 in 4 are good scent throw-wise, but the others are beyond pathetic. I complained to Yankee once and they happily sent me a replacement, which I was delighted with, yet following purchases were a let down.
      I was considering making a holiday candle purchase but thought I’d verify there wasnt a blog site filled with comments from consumers with the same issues….needless to say, I will not make that (quite pricey!) purchase.
      I was unaware the company had been bought out; I will definitely contact Yankee and let them know about this site and about my personal dissatisfaction and concerns. Maybe they’ll make some changes and we can all return to loving the product as much as we once did!
      Happy candle burning, my friends.

  11. Monica Iversen

    This is so true! I gave up on Yankee Candle several years ago. I think this used to be a business that had good ethics years ago & then was bought out by a company called Jardin Corp in 2013. May have had another company buy them out prior to that because the scent had been going downhill for quite a few years. I switched to Woodwick & just loved the scents & the crackle. But sadly, when I tried buying more candles this past summer I noticed a weaker scent. I tried different stores & it made no difference. The scents are extremely weak & there is more of a waxy scent like Yankee Candle. I did some digging & it turns out Yankee Candle Corp bought Woodwick (Smith Mountain Industries) this past spring 2017. So who owns them now? Well, it’s no longer Jardin but a company called Newell Rubbermaid! The same people who make sharpie markers, Rubbermaid & other household items. Yikess!! They purchased Woodwick because their sales were outperforming their own. Duh! I would like to meet the genius who couldn’t figure out why that was happening?? Cut quality… lose sales! They bought up the competition & I for one, will not be adding my dollar to their portfolio by buying a poor quality product! I’ll stick to supporting small businesses.

  12. Antonella

    I’m another truly feeling ripped off ex-Yankee candle lover! I used to buy them in the US to take home with me to Switzerland. Later, thankfully, I started finding them in department stores in Zurich. I had different scents for every big room. Usually one was lit on the main floor and filled the whole house. If I lit the bedroom candle – same thing. They were amazing! After I moved bed to Canada, I tried them twice – and NO SCENT! Yesterday, in a Premium outlet mall in Ellenton in Florida, I spent almost 60 US dollars!!! on Yankee Candles. I told the sales lady about my no scent experience and she ASSURED ME! no no, these have scent. Well, well, I came home yesterday and lit one and guess what ANSOLUTELY NO SCENT! Country Kitchens apparently smell like NOTHING! So, I googled and found this and thought I’d add my experience. I checked the receipt and it says no refund – so I’m driving over an hour back to Premium Outlet Mall and giving them back! Sales lady can figure out what to do with them and her conscience. And…. as protest I will never shop at a Premium Outlet again! They should check that they don’t allow stores to cheat!
    Dishonesty and tolerance for bad business conduct should not be tolerated!

  13. Carol

    Anyone know of a replacement for the years old orchard pear candle I just used up from YC?

  14. TR

    Many large candle companies put a scent shot on top. The candle is lightly fragranced all the way through then a heavy dose of scented wax is put on top.
    The industry standard (for small mom and pop companies) is ounce of fragrance per 16 ounces of wax. The large companies don’t do that. Typically small companies add more fragrance to their wax.
    Quit buying from the large companies and find a small candle company to try. We’re out there! We get the name big box companies give our craft!

    1. Anonymous


  15. Leah

    A bit of news I got from an insider in the fragrance business; YC doesn’t do any quality test beforehand. They insisted use sales to determine whether a particular scent is good. I was the hugest YC fan until I heard this. I still buy their candles, but only once in a while.

  16. Anonymous

    A bit of news I got from an insider in the fragrance business; YC doesn’t do any quality test beforehand. They insisted use sales to determine whether a particular scent is good. I was the hugest YC fan until I heard this. I still buy their candles, but only once in a while.

  17. Segolene

    I’m not sure where you buy candles, but my Yankee store candles are FABULOUS. I have ONE burning in the kitchen and the scent spreads to the diningroom. I can’t say I have ever had the issue of a poor fraganced candle. Maybe you need to cut the wick down. Some people don’t and they burn tje wick and not the wax. Also, to the lady who got a headache from the smells, I have the same issue with certain smells. However, they are not always from Yankee. Certain smells period will cause a headache or in my case nausea. Vanilla, some musks, and apple scents triggger it. I wouldn’t blame it on Yankee! I can’t say I have noticed less fragance in their candles.

    1. Brad

      I totally agree with everything you said in your article or post. I bought a half dozen Yanke Candals roughly six month ago and I’m roughly a third of the way through trying each scent I bought.

      Unfortunatly I don’t end up burning even a quarter of the Candace before setting it aside to never use again as it smells like nothing.

      How much more can it cost Yanke Candace to make sure their blending in a more than adequate amount of scent or perfume???

      It’s my opinion that after Yanke Candle has been sold over and over again as a company. After every sale it’s been harder to keep profits where they want them to be as as a whole.

      So what I think the Yanke Candle company has been doing is cutting back on the amount of scent or perfume they put in their candles to save money. Unfortunatly it’s gotten so bad now that Yanke is ruining their reputation.

      No one can hold onto being number one forever without putting out a good product, and Yanke candles have changed for the worse, and are no longer worth even $10 bucks at any size catagory if they don’t put off any scent. Hell why do we buy these Candle’s in the first place if they smell like little to nothing. I remember a day when my entire house smelled from a Yanke candle. I’d have a guest arrive at my house and the first thing they would say to me is what’s that great smell, no more though.

      I’m personally done with Yanke and will never buy another Candace from them. We now use Woodwick candles and are pretty happy. I think woodwick Candales is the new Yanke.

  18. Candle Duchess

    5. Yankee

    £16, Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle – Black Cherry

    This candle does exactly what it says on the Jar.
    The scent is that of delicious ripe black cherries.
    The Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Cherry, Almond
    Mid: Cherry, Cinnamon
    Base: Sweet Cherry
    All notes filled the air however this Candle may be slightly over powering for some , recommended for someone who really enjoys the cherry aroma.
    Burn time was 30 hours so we gave this a 4.5 as the value for money was the deciding factor

    Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

  19. Angel

    I thought I was going crazy….? Yankee’s smell was GONE!!!!!!! Finally took the initiative to research after numerous candles . Ahhhhhhh SOLD company and fragrance went right along with it over to Kingle.

    TY TY TY

    1. Lori

      They burn to fast also

  20. kathy

    The Yankee Candles I have recently purchased have little or no smell. I was a huge fan and now I am looking for an alternative. Such a disappointment. I thought it was me until I found this blog. What a sham that this company feels the need to screw up a good thing.

    1. Judy

      Hi, I also want an alternative now, as I’m fed up with Yankee. Someone posted that Kringle Candle Co. makes Great candles so I went to their website and ordered a couple to try. They are called Country Candle and have the same label look as the old Yankee ones. And the son or grandson (??) of the original Yankee Candle company is with this Kringle Candle Co. (Yankee has been bought out by different owner now, probably why product is not as good anymore. ) These Country Candles have 2 wicks also. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kringle so I’m anxious to get them and try them.

      1. Anonymous

        I actually live right next to yankee candle! I know lots of people who work there as well. When they sold Yankee the son opened Kringle candle. The problem with all of the new candles is that they have cut down the smells by over 1/3 to cut costs. The employees there tell me it’s crazy but it doesn’t affect business because yankee candle has such a well known name. Crazy, right? Even though it’s not the same quality it doesn’t even matter. Kringle candle is the place to go, much better quality.

      2. Judy

        That is very interesting information ! Well, even though Yankee is such a well known name that it’s not affecting business (or at least not yet), I’m sure that in time it will – because I am another person that is now fed up with Yankee because the candles have hardly any scent at all, and often I find that they don’t burn good – the wax doesn’t pool good. And, guess what: I ordered a couple candles from Kringle, burned one last night, the Chocolate Chip Cookie and: PERFECT ! It smells great, you can actually smell it from another room, the wax pools evenly and it burns and performs Perfectly ! I am now a Kringle customer, and hopefully other consumers will read this and try Kringle as well, I got their candles called Country Candle, and the style looks just like Yankee, but are 100% better.

      3. Jean

        I like Village Candles, a lot of the grocery stores sell them. Far superior then Yankee Candles.

    2. Amy Wells

      Hi. Check this company out.
      I love them – and great prices- no dyes or chemicals, and smell great.
      They are a less than a year young:
      Country scents candles are owned by power couple Naomi and David Myers and located in Shepherdsville Ky. Our candle shop is where all the magic happens. We have been in the candle making business for years and love being able to bring our amazing products to others. We take pride in creating scents that are long lasting and do not include chemical dyes. We believe in a quality soy product that you can feel good about using in your homes. We are certified ky proud, FDA approved soy, and kosher certified- we only use the highest ingredients here at country scents candles, and our wicks are all 100% cotton. We believe in offering the best ingredients to our customers at an affordable price. We try to only use essential oils to scent our products when we can for a particular scent, but we do also use fragrance oils in some of our products to create a festive scent you will enjoy.

  21. Kitty Estes

    No it’s true even now I got so many candles last year during the sale over my favorites from Bath and Body works and I barely burned any so I took them back today a full year later and got 10 more new ones and these ones suck too 🙁 burning Honey Clementine right now which in the jar was soooooo fragrant and nice but I am getting nothing and it’s directly next to me….what a shame Yankee was mom and me’s thing growing up we’d save up for a Midsummer Night candle and would burn it maybe 1- a couple hours at a time and the house would smell for days.

  22. Judy

    Wow, I thought I was the only one having problems with Yankee Candles lately. They have very little scent, and I seem to be having a problem with getting them to burn good. Especially with the Small 3.7 ounce jars, the wax just does not seem to melt away or burn off fast enough and the flame is very poor, often pathetic. A tiny, tiny, dying flame that is struggling to stay alive, almost drowning in the wax. What a disappointment! I need to find a new brand !!

    1. Jessica

      I’ve recently started ordering from “Candles By Victoria” and LOVE this company! Scent throw is amazing!!! There are over 1,000 scents to choose from and they will custom make a scent if you want. Only down side is it take a while to receive the order. Last time it took about 2 weeks. My current order will be 10 days by the time it gets here.

  23. Michael

    To say that Yankee Candles SUCK,is a bit of an understatement. The biggest retail screw job since the Pet Rock. I was born with an unusual gift. The gift of smell. Vision sucks, hearing sucks, but I can smell a joint burning, or a pie being baked, or vomit…from 100 yards. Yankee smells….of nothing. Wax perhaps on a good manufacturing day. I personally think that those at the helm should have their own YanLee was slowly dropped in their bodies routinely until they get it right. Anyone who attempts to dissuade this truth are for the most women , I would venture to guess, should be tarred anf feathered…..and run out of town in their doctor vans. The 60k van that is!! Not miles…price.Thank you for this forum. I wanted to kick the Yank’s add for at least a decade.

  24. Shannon

    Glad to see I’m not the only one!

    Every fall I stock up on Yankee Candle’s for the Holiday Season. I’ve never been disappointed until this year. I spent over $100 on candles and I’m about to return them all!

    Pumpkin Spice Large Jar has NO scent. I emailed the company and they were nice enough to rush me out a second jar…. Guess what? NO scent on that one either. I’d give it a throw of 0 out of 10.

    Pumpkin Pie Large Jar is so weak you have to stand within a foot or so of the Candle to smell it. I’d give it a throw of about 1 out of 10.

    Pumpkin Buttercream Violas smell nice but you need to be right over them again. Maybe if I light 6-10 of them at a time my small room will smell nice?

    Vanilla Bourbon has been the best one yet. I’d give it a throw of about 3 out of 10. Smells really good but NOT worth the price. Regular local $7 candles smell as strong or stronger.

    Just started Ginger Bread Maple today. Smells good but another super weak throw. It’s only been burning about 2 hours but I’d give it a throw of about 2 out of 10.

    I remember when Yankee Candles would smell up a whole room! Sometimes my whole house! The smell would linger for HOURS after you blew out the candle. Not anymore 🙁

    I plan to exchange most of my candles and try one more time. I’ve heard Sugar Pumpkin Swirl, Autumn Leaves, Kitchen Spice, Apple Pumpkin and Maple Walnut have stronger throws. I will try them.

    I haven’t tried my Christmas Candles yet.

    This is the last time I’m ordering Yankee Candle. I could save money and buy the local candles or order the candles from the smaller Mom & Pop stores on Etsy. I’ve heard Tyler Candle Company is really good with scents too.

    1. Brad

      I agree with you…..we used to by a half dozen to dozen large Yankee Candle’s per year at $25 plus unless we had coupons. Over the last few years the Yankee Candles have seemed to be putting less scent into their candles. Once upon a time a Yankee Candle would have put entire house smelling amazing, unfortunatly this is no longer the case. We have stopped purchasing Yankee Candles as spending $25 plus dollars for something that smells almost like nothing is simply a giant waste of my hard earned money. We started buying Woodwick Candles and they smell amazing as well as filling the entire house with there amazing scents when lit. It’s always so fun when a guest comes over, opens the door to enter our home, and says what is that amazing smell. This was once what Yankee used to be like also, but no longer. Up until I found this web site I kept asking my wife is it me or do these Yankee candles no longer smell as the once did after being lit. Now I know it’s not just my sense of smell that may have been off after reading all these coments.

  25. Kelly

    I agree! I noticed the same thing. One of my kids got me the Walmart Raspberry jar candle from Walmart for Mother’s Day. It was my favorite strong smelling candle to date. Now I just get all of mine there or I buy the Yankees for cheap at Home Goods or Marshall’s.

  26. patti

    The son of the original Yankee Candle owner, Mick Kitteredge opened the Kringle Candle Company about 8 years ago, but I haven’t tried one of their candles yet. Has anyone else?

    1. Ginagoon

      I was told that the original Yankee candle maker is no longer making them that there coming from China that’s why they lost their sent I used to love them I stopped buying them

      1. Truthteller

        They are not made in China, they are made in Massachusetts. However, the company has been bought and sold a number of times and each time with the need to increase income which in turn is a decrease in quality. A separate note is to let everyone know that YCC’s production facility in MA is poorly run and could be labeled a hostile work environment.

    2. Jayne Earhart

      I drove to the Kringle candle store in Bernardston, MA yesterday and purchased several candles. I LOVE Kringle candle; their candles all burn very cleanly. Pumpkin Patch has a nice strong scent for the fall.

    3. Anonymous

      Yes! They are wonderful!!

  27. TS

    Yes, Yankee Candles scents are most of the time lacking. Home goods sells a good line of good look No and price effective candles. Though if you are looking to Yankee Candle for a good but expensive buy, than turn to the WoodWick type. Spent like $30 something but the Oudwood scent was unmistakeable from the time you open it to lighting. But then again it will cost you the equivalent of a tank of gas in an SUV to get that scent and look you are trying to achieve.

  28. Jessica

    I use to LOVE Yankee candle, but I would have to agree the throw is hardly there any more. When I first started buying them they were $21 for the large jar. Now it’s $28! They go up a $1 every year and it’s just not worth it anymore. I generally use tarts and wall plugs, and I can hardly smell the wall plug in a small bathroom. I’m glad I found this page. I will be checking out your recommendations for a new company.

  29. Brad

    Although I am new to buying candles I have found that the majority of the big name brands do not produce a quality product. Every time I smell a Yankee Candle it gives me a headache and when burned it doesn’t smell. I switched from big brands and starting trying out small & local companies and find them to always be ten times better. One in particular here in Austin, TX that I really like is a called Every candle I have bought from them has been excellent. They also use wood-wicks so you get that cool ambiance of it crackling when burning and they have Mandles (men’s line) which is appealing to me.

  30. Jen

    To be honest the Only candles from Yc that seem to throw anymore are Autumn Leaves.. its my absolute favorite, As well as Midsummers Night…No wonder they are NEVER on sale.. It seems to be that way with their sales they Never add the good ones, The tried an true.. I just bought 22 large candles from their semi annual sale ((As they dropped price even farther to 6/48)) and of course Autumn leaves Was NOT a part of this sale, Nor wad Midsummers night….I picked up 5 Blueberry Scone and 5 Fluffy Towels each now burning but Neither give off much of anything, Plus the Blueberry is also now Tunneling.. Guess I will be returning these an exchanging.. Im waiting on my 12 large Pure Radience Toasted Almond, I Hope they are a Better quality and Throw than these two disappointments have been… 10 jars so far, what a WASTE of money!!

    1. Kathleen

      I agree-just bought a bunch and smell nothing. I stayed away from these candles for many years but I deceided to try one more time. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Going back to bath and body works!!

  31. Anonymous

    I havn’t had any problems with the throw of Yankee candles. Oh sure occasionally I purchase a weak scented one but more often than not I can smell the scent around the room. Some are even so strong they dont have to be lit to fill the room. There are definitely some scents at Yankee that are strong and wonderful. You need to stick with them. I usually buy(to try) new scents in the votive sampler size when they are running a 1$ sale on them. I then determine if they are worth spending the extra cash on the larger jar or tumbler type..Also, watch their sales..several times a year they run fantastic sales on the larger candles..Buy 1 Get 1. 10$ clearance..ect..Perhaps Yankee isnt the quality it was a few decades ago(what is?) but if you become familiar with their product and take advantage when you are able to purchase them cheaply, I think you would find Yankee candle more satisfying.

    1. SL Cox

      Sorry but I really don’t agree that if I can buy them “cheaply” that is a sufficient trade-off for a scentless candle. I have rather have one good candle for $28 than 2-3 scentless, big ugly jars of wax.

  32. Rose

    I’ve been a YC fan since the early 90s and I’m really disappointed with how much the quality has gone downhill in the last few years. Until now, I liked the fact the candles didn’t give off soot, burned evenly, and had great scent throw. I’ve burned through dozens of large and small jars, countless votives, and different YC lines all with the same consistency. About eight years ago I went on a YC buying binge on a discontinued scent I loved (White Birch) so much that it’s taken me nine years to finally finish that stash. (I did buy other YCs in the meantime but only when I’d find them through garage sales and thrift stores.) Finally done with that haul, I decided to buy a brand new YC candle last week. As I’m typing this, I’m watching my new glass pillar candle (Apple Pumpkin) burn aggressively and give off soot. I’m also surprised that it’s only taken 15 minutes for the wax to liquify a full inch and a half, whereas one of my my 2009 large jar candles would at most liquify at 3/4 inch with one of those metal candle grates on top, even after an hour of burning. The quality has definitely changed. I noticed the wick isn’t the same quality as the wicks I see in my older large jar candles (the cotton braiding seems too thick and without a zinc core to hold it upright), and the composition of the wax seems softer and less glossy (meaning lower burning point, aggressive liquifying and possibly contributing to the soot many others are complaining about). The burn is reminding me of the cheap dollar candles I’d buy at the dollar store when I was a teenager! This is ridiculous. The company has gotten so bloated in trying to come up with new and novel scents and shapes and sizes that it’s compromised the quality the founders were known for. So glad I found this site – I thought I was the only one who noticed YC’s slide in quality.

    1. Chris

      I just wanted to say that the wax in the pillars and tumblers is a different wax than the jars, that’s why it melts faster and pools out quicker. Jars are paraffin wax (stays more solid) and the pillars/tumblers are a vegetable wax blend

    2. Anonymous

      Try Scentsy. Wickless Wax.

    3. Sue

      Try Scentsy. Wickless Wax.

  33. Mike

    Small Flame Candle Company offers quality hand poured candles, the scent throw is perfect and stays till the last drop of wax. They are also made with natural soy wax.

    1. SL Cox

      Guess that’s fine if you live in Ohio, but their site has little or no information and apparently there is no way to order.

  34. Anonymous

    I hear you. The only thing that smells from yannkee candle is the $370.22 burning my wife spent Edinburgh, Indiana Yankee candle outlet. Gary

  35. Judy

    I bought a Candied Pecan candle and there is no scent at all. I gave up and switched to my trusty Cinnamon that I’ve bought through the years and throws a lot of scent. I can’t smell it unless I’m directly in front of it. The quality seems to to have gone downhill. I don’t mind spending more for candles that fill the house with fragrance but you can’t smell it at all even when you’re a few feet away. What a waste of money.

  36. Alice

    Not only do they lack scent they once had-the large pillar candles are a DISASTER. I bought some Feb. 6th online and burned them for a few weeks in my darkish office at home (the only light is at my desk (I don’t turn the overhead on) and the candles burned behind me. About a month later, I turned on the overhead light to look for something and my ENTIRE CEILING AND TWO WALLS were covered in black soot (I wish I could post a photo to show you how bad it was. I contacted Yankee Candle and sent THEM the photos. I got the snottiest reply from some a$$hole named Jim H from the “customer loyalty team” who not only implied that the damage occurred over a long period of time (had he checked my $487 order-he would have seen it was only 5 weeks ago!) but he ALSO implied that I didn’t know how to properly burn a candle and I need to keep the wick trimmed. No sincere apology, no offer to return and replace. I was FURIOUS and fired
    back another e-mail. I received 3 more nicer replies from different people (including the manager) offering to tell me what I needed to do to file an insurance claim. That was simply adding insult to injury. The cost to re-paint my office (which I had just had painted 5 months earlier) was $540 and my deductible is $500. So I had to re-paint the room at my own cost and I’m stuck with 4 more of the large pillar candles I’m afraid to even light. I am SO DONE with Yankee Candle. The candles were okay, but the “customer service” (what a joke to call it that) SUCKS! I’m now buying from Gold Canyon.

    1. Josh Lawson

      Well there not lying to you you do have to cut the wick my daughter works there and schooled me and her mom just saying

    2. Jen

      I loved burning tons of candles, till I looked up and saw the large, dark sooty mess on my ceiling and walls. Now, it didn’t come just from Yankee Candles (I usually get the paraffin candles and use illuma lids on the jars) , I also burn Bath & Body Works (soy/veggie mix), Village (paraffin), Colonial (paraffin), sometimes Voluspa (soy) and rarely Better Homes and Gardens (paraffin). And on occasion, candles I find in Homegoods or Marshalls which could be either soy or paraffin. And all those candles contribute to the dark sooty mess on my ceiling and walls:(

    3. Sue

      Wickless Wax, no flames, no soot.

  37. MA

    Have to agree with posts regarding scent throw. Have been feeling disappointed for a good while. Reading these posts tells me I am not alone. Hope springs eternal. And I stopped in a YC store today intending to buy 2 Pure Radiance candles. Only a handful were on the shelves. Found out that the Pure Radiance line is being discontinued. Replacing this soy/paraffin blend line of Yankee will be Woodwiick, as parent company of YC has bought the Woodwiick line. Hoping Woodwicks do not go the route of YAnkee and the lack of scent throw. I have been happy with the throw of most of the Woodwick scents I have tried. Time will tell.

    1. Charlotte

      Yankee bought out Woodwick? Rats! I’m sorry to hear that. I like Woodwick and don’t want to see them go downhill like Yankee has. Now the price will go up and the quality will go down.

      1. Jen

        Actually the company that owns Yankee brought out Woodwick. I’ve tried Woodwick and find them to be okay. No doubt Woodwick has a really loud crackling noise and some of the scents could be strong. What gets me is most of the scents seem common. The scents are not different or interesting. The strong scents are heavy and almost oppressive. Also, the flame on the candles could get really, really high, even after they’re trimmed. Woodwick does have the elongated candles with the ribbon wicks, which are nice, but still the same small scent range.

        I prefer Pure Radiance over Woodwick. Pure Radiance won’t crackle as loudly as Woodwick, but the flame isn’t as scarily high either. Also, Pure Radiance had a large variety of scents, which were different and interesting. I’m going to miss that line.

  38. amj

    I love this post! It mystifies me that Yankee has such a devoted following, considering that 90% of the candles and tarts I’ve tried from them have zero throw! Even if they were better in the past, how are people still going gaga for them?

    1. Earla

      I believe the fan base is like me; they remember the wonderful aromatic YC from years past and keep hoping the most recent one bought will deliver like it used to. It’s kinda like a hot lover (do I dare say?) but the candle has burned out. You keep hoping “it” is the same and you continue to do so until the realization hits. This sucks!!! No more!!! And you move on!! That’s what I just did.

      I just bought my last 4 YC. Horrible! Need I say more?

  39. Amanda

    I couldn’t agree more. I currently own close to 30 large jar candles. April showers is the only one that actally smells up the house. I am however stup I’d addicted to yankee candles and have a hell of a collection. They definitely not as good as it used to be.

    1. Barkeje

      I agree I purchased three large Yankee Candles this past weekend March 24, 2017. I hadn’t purchased any Yankee Candles in a long time however to my surprise when I started to burn one of the candles there was little to no scent/aroma to fill the room. I purchased the lemon and lavender for my kitchen and burned it for awhile but was not able to tell that I was even burning a candle. The Sicilian lemon was no better, no scent either. I will not be purchasing any more Yankee Candles. Very disappointed and out of cash for candles that don’t deliver.

      Village candles which I can purchase at my local grocery store carry a stronger aromatic scent.

    2. L.T.

      Now I only buy tarts or meltcups. The jars are too expensive for them not to have a scent.

  40. L Turkington

    Totally agree. Yankee Candles do suck. I sued to be an avid collector and couldn’t pass a Yankee Candle store. However, I started to notice around two years ago that the quality was deteriorating with many of the candles I bought throwing badly and many others burning irregularly. I returned severaI and pretty much stopped buying them but continue to receive a few as gifts and, sure enough, they have deteriorated even further to the point where they are practically unscented. The last 3 candles I have bought have been Village Candles, two of which threw brilliantly – Lemon Pound Cake and the rose-scented one. Hibiscus, however, was a dud. Still, two out of three is a better success rate than my experience with Yankee. Think I will try a few more of these.

  41. Carol Florida

    I Googled for this topic because I wondered if others had noted the declining quality of Yankee Candles. My perceptions have been validated here. I am now enjoying WoodWick candles purchased at Kohl’s when I get a 30% off coupon 🙂

  42. Irene

    I got hold of an older candle of their’ s, “Cotton.” The throw is amazing. I think they got cheap with their ingredients and moved production to Ch in a. I have since switched to the Scentsy brand. Even contemplating making my own with ingredients from the source–India.

  43. Rich

    every sale I order Autumn Wreath and it never disappoints. Makes my home smell lovely. A few other scents I also get that fill my home with fragrance. Not sure what candles you guys are getting that so many of you are saying the don’t smell at all. Granted, i was disappointed by Cozy by the Fire when placed in a very large open area of my home…i didn’t fill the room with fragrance like the other scents do but in a small area like a bathroom it smells great.

    1. SL Cox

      I guess I don’t understand what you are saying — there is one scent you like and have good luck with, but when you tried another, the fragrance is so weak you can only use in a small bath…. Yes, that is what folks are saying — weak or no fragrance from almost all scents.

      1. Allison

        I’ve had good luck with the following:

        Strongest throws–

        Lemon lavender 2 wick large pillar
        Turquoise sky 2 wick large pillar
        Soft blanket medium jar
        Lavender large jar

        Medium to strong throws–

        Apple pumpkin large jar
        Golden sands 2 wick large pillar
        Summer storm 2 wick large pillar
        Sage citrus 2 wick large pillar
        Pink margaritaville large jar
        Dreamy summer nights small jar

        Medium throws–

        Warm luxe cashmere 2 wick pillar
        Autumn in the park 2 wick pillar

        The only ones that I’ve found to have Sub par throws (anything less than a 5/10)–

        Tahitian nights small jar
        Pumpkin pie large jar

        I have personally had no major issues with YC.

  44. Sharice

    Finally, someone has come out and said the truth. I never was a big fan of Yankee candle and before I launched my own company (shameless plug:, I always purchased my candles from small candle companies. Even the target and walmart candles aren’t that great. Their flames are huge once lit, they melt too fast for them to not be 100% soy and let’s not even mention how unsafe they are environmentally. If you’re a big candle burner, breathing in those toxic chemicals most big brand candles are created with is not ideal. Thanks for this piece, it was much needed in the candle community.

  45. B

    Unfortunely, the scents such as Sunset Lake, Meadow Mist, Mountain Lake and Winter Woods are all candles that are no longer carried in regular retail stores so I can only assume you got them from an outlet or repurchases a candle that had been exchanged by a previous customer. As a candle ages the scent throw decreases, and outlet candles can be several years old. There is also the issue of exchanging your candle, you can virtually exchange your burned candle for any other candle in the store to find one you enjoy. I think you will be hard pressed to find a customer service policy that is so accommodating. And you may not understand the difference between a $5 candle from Walmart and a YC large jar, but when my large YC lasts 150 hours compared to the average 50 hours you will get from other jars, I understand why they are worth my money. And needless to say, they are made in the United States, which is say is positive. Doubtful that Walmart or White Barn can say that.

    1. Chris

      Had lots of yankee candles over the years but stopped buying them as the scent is now a poor strength.waste of money!!!

    2. Diane

      I just purchased two Yankee Candles from a Yankee Candle retail store, not in a secondary type store. One is a latte fragrance and throws the fragrance nicely throughout a very large room, but the other is a mint fragrance and throws nothing…. just smells like a cheap burning candle with no fragrance whatsoever. I don’t care about a return policy because I don’t expect to have to return a YC , but rather expect to get the fragrance I paid for.

    3. SL Cox

      Yes, the YC exchange policy is excellent, but rather than lug heavy candle jars to some exburb mall, I would prefer to get what I pay for.

  46. Donna

    I received some candles for Christmas. They are called ED on Air. They are by Ellen Degeneres. They come in sets of 4 for 19.99 and they really smell good. I would definitely buy them. I am a big Bath & Body supporter also.

  47. Southern Lights

    I totally agree. The only two scents that have a strong throw are Layered Chocolate Cake and Salted Caramel. I have been utterly disappointed with the quality decline over the years. I would love to read the brands you think have the strongest throw.

    Yankee, get your head out of your wax.

    1. GH

      I agree. I complained to the company through an email and told them ALL of their candles have changed and don’t smell like they used to. I was asked for the name of the candle and its product number, etc. I had to tell them AGAIN that it is ALL your candles. I remember when lighting one of their candles, the frangrance just didn’t fill the room, it filtered throughout the house. No more.

    2. Karen

      Bath and Body Works candles, a “proprietary soy blend,” have strong throws. However, because they’re 3-wick candles, they burn very quickly — cleanly but quickly.

  48. Marsha Mentzer

    I have to agree with all of the posts. My beef is that the candles do not burn very well now either. In the past, all you had to do was trim the wick a bit, put a topper on, and the burning wick was absolutely perfect. Now, the wicks all but drown in the wax, and no amount of trimming or removing unused wax helps. I, too, have starting buying Better Homes and Gardens candles at Walmart, and they burn extremely well, exactly the way the old YC used to burn and at a significantly lower price. The fragrances aren’t as nuanced, but you can find enough lovely scents that you really don’t have to pay and arm and a leg any longer for the now inferior Yankee products.

  49. Gail

    I am so disappointed in this company. I understand the original creator of YC sold the company. These candles no longer provide the wonderful aroma they used to. They used to fill the whole house with such a pleasant aroma and that hasn’t happened for a long time. I gave these as a gift and the recipients must have thought it was a joke. I was embarrassed.

    1. Amber

      I purchased 8 woodwick from yankee candle, very disappointed. No smell, smoke terrible, jar is black from soot. Never again. Changed all there scents that do not smell like anything

  50. Stephanie

    I did kind of love the Pistachio Crunch Cookie scent Yankee released for the holidays.

    BUT—You hit the nail on the head. I have made 3 large purchases recently and I simply can not justify the price:throw ratio any longer. I am sitting at my computer right now and I can’t smell the candle that is 6 inches away from me. In addition to that ALL of my large jar candles are tunneling. I trim my wicks and black smoke still billows. It’s not just the candles either. I ordered a ScentPlug Base and it’s is incredibly flimsy. I’d be surprised if it lasted a month. If I accidentally bumped into it while walking I think I’d snap it in 2.

    Even with the discounts the price is not worth what you’re getting. I remember the days when getting and giving a Yankee Candle as a gift was thoughtful and a great gift. Now, I’m giving out my remaining supply to family and friends for free and they don’t seem to want them either.

    I did branch out and buy from Mosley Lane. It’s been over a week and a half and I have heard nothing about my order.

    I am willing to use Etsy but I am inundated by all the sellers and scents. I don’t know who to use and I’m tired of being burnt. I’ll take any and all suggestions.

  51. Daniel Lawrie

    For over 15 years I have purchased Yankee Candle! i remember the old days that a large jar would scent my entire living room! these days I only smell them when i put my nose to the jar! every year I say Im not going to buy any more but I get sucked right in! I have a very very large collection! everytime i complain. to Yankee they say nothing has changed! but its plain to see something has! I live in the UK and we have just had a massive price increase across the board! large jar now costs £23.99 we never get any Bogof offers! its about time I started saving my money!

  52. Charlotte

    With the semiannual sale and the cost being only ~10 dollars each with the 6 for $60 sale, I was very tempted to order at least one set of six, but, remembering how awful the previous ones I’ve gotten were, I changed my mind! The throw is awful on all six of the candles I bought over the summer, and the burn quality on some is poor too.

  53. Bernard

    Everyone – what do you think would happen? All of their candles are 50% off almost everyday!!! Do you you think your gonna get the same amount of fragrance?


    Wake up, this isn’t the same candle you use to love. They have ruined this brand. Other candles on the market are superior for even less $$$. You don’t have to look far to find a better fragrance and candle burning experience.

  54. Monique

    I totally agree! Prefer the Bath and Bodywork candles as another US branch but my absolute favourite are from Sandy Bay London!

  55. Blake

    Wow I actually thought I made a good investment. NOT… Three YC are a joke 4 real

  56. Zoe

    I recently bought a Red Apple Wreath candle in a column jar for the bathroom over the holidays and even at 50% off was a waste of money. I should have just bought a Febreeze candle, as they do smell nice. I don’t know what I was thinking, as YC has been a disappointment for a long while now. Hope springs eternal, perhaps. I still find their Pink Sands and Plumera scents effective, but the rest? Nothing. I’ve gone over to Bath & Body for candle purchases that have thus far been outstanding in carrying a lingering scent across rooms.

    My question would be why doesn’t YC address the issue? I read nothing but disappointment over a once beloved candle and no one I know purchases them much anymore, but have gone to other companies with superior scents.

  57. Gregory Quandt

    Dear Yankee Candle
    I have been a customer of 4-8 large jar candles every year (Christmas Eve scent) for 25 years and the last 2 years have purchased
    candles with a great smelling top interior, but almost no discernable scent with two burning in a 10×10 room.

    I have no desire to return for an exchange, one NYE resolution is to stop being a Yankee Candle customer.
    Should you ever decide to return to the amount of scent you used in the ‘90’s,. let me know, I may return but
    I will have to read great reviews at first

  58. Velvet

    WOW I thought it was just me, I use to love Yankee Candles, one lit candle would scent the entire house, This past year, I cant even smell a lit candle unless my nose is in the jar, At first i thought it was a fluke or maybe the scent i chose but I just got 2 new ones for Christmas and it was a waste of good money, So disappointed

  59. Lynn Sheridan

    I had a horrifying experience with Yankee Candle tea lights about 2 weeks ago and don’t know if I well ever be able to light another one again. Scariest thing ever.

  60. Jane

    I don’t know about you all but my candle smells wonderful! The wick doesn’t crackle, probably why it was discounted…but the smell fills up a room and you can smell it from a distance. The company wouldn’t be in business if everyone’s candle did not smell. Just return it wasting time typing about it lol

    1. Renee Sopko

      I’m with others – thank you! I used to melt a small YC tart and the entire house would smell 3000 sq! Now I can burn a large candle and can’t smell it in the same room. This has been the case for years, and I keep telling myself I’m NOT going to purchase another YC, then I see them for $10 and buy another, only to be disappointed again!.

      I just burned my first Bath and Body Works candle and found the same thing. ANY candles out there have a strong scent any more? 🙁

      1. kate

        our own candle company is amazing.. the smell that comes from burning them fills the entire room. I love them and I tricked myself into thinking that yankee candle were the best on the market s I should buy them plus I had an amazing coupon. well needless to say im so unhappy with y.c!!! the approximate burn time is a lie. and I cant smell any of them!! I will stick to whats cheap and works the best!

      2. Liz

        Woodwick candles are awesome!!!! They burn clean, fragrance like hell, and have a cool crackling sound. They are the best out there at this price.

      3. Anonymous

        try candleberry but i too love bath and bodyworks x

  61. Teri

    I too have purchased several different scents this month that have little to no scent. YC has been running coupons for buy 1,2, or 3 and get the same amount free so I loaded up for myself and for Christmas gifts. I guess we know why they’re giving them away this month. I will be returning the ones I’ve burned and hope for a better outcome.

    1. Lori

      I thought i was going crazy, but i am also having the same issue and I am very dissapointed. I want my house to smell like cinnamon and so far all I smell is the match that lights it. I am very upset to spend that kind of money for NO scent. I have bought 4 candles in the last few months and none of them had a scent.

  62. Kev

    Wow, I see I’m not the only one having issues with Yankee Candles. I’d been trying out several different candles over the last year as I realized how much pleasure and relaxation it brought me burning them at home. When I first tried YC the candle scent was strong and enjoyed it so much….the large double wick candles. I then went and placed an order for half a dozen more, and a couple of months later a dozen more. However, the scent from half the candles seemed to be so much weaker than the first one I tried….one or two with seemingly no scent at all, but I didn’t think too much of it as I wanted to find my favorite ones out of the dozens of scents they had. Then, I started noticing that the wick burned much faster than the wax was evaporating to the point where the candle would burn itself out or maintain at such a small flame that there was no discernable scent being given off. I would have to pour out the liquid wax just to expose more of the wick so it could burn with a normal flame. So far I’ve again noticed that more than half the candles have been doing this. I then took a close look at one of the candles that was burning fine and another which was burning itself out. I noticed that the wick on the latter were very much finer in thickness. YC should really have a much stricter QC policy in place as these candles are not cheap. It looks like they have a defect in the wicks.

    YC is now having a sale of 5 candles at $11 each, but I think I’ll pass. I’d found another candle place at the mall, but they don’t have as many to choose from, especially in a large double wick. But at least the scent was strong and wonderful.

  63. Luther Harrity

    Thanks for sharing. We own and operate a (small) candle manufacturing company here in Canada. It’s so refreshing to read this. Every store we walk into, we head straight to the candle isle to see what they offer. A lot of times, they are cheap candles both price wise and quality.

    However, some candles selling for top dollar are not premium candles. We work hard to ensure the quality of all of our candles, they are all poured by hand in small batches so that we can maintain that quality. I just wish that more people would look past the name on the jar and understand the difference between and quality candle and something that has a premium price.

    Thanks for sharing.


  64. Margaret Graham

    Glad I found this site. Thought it was my imagination or losing my sense of smell but recently bought my favourite jar, Hazelnut coffee. I just love this scent, but to my disappointment I can hardly smell it at all. Not even when I put the jar up to my nose do I even get a slight whiff. And this particular scent was at one time really strong and permeated throughout the house. Not any more.

    We can’t all be wrong.

  65. Charlotte

    I bought my first Yankee Candles over the summer, and I’m sad to say that they’ll be my last too. All my life I’ve loved candles, and finally I’m at a point where I feel okay to splurge on something nice that’s maybe a little overpriced. During the summer I happened to find an ad for YC, advertising 6 candles for $60. I thought that sounded like a decent enough price that I went for it, and also added on a couple more.

    The first one I burned, Blue Summer Sky, smelled nice, but had such a weak scent to it that you couldn’t smell it very much, even in a small room. It burned nicely except for being fairly sooty. The latest one I’ve burned is Marshmallow Chicks. It has a nice vanilla scent but again, it’s so weak! And, even worse, it’s burning really badly and not pooling out. Wrapping foil around it helped, but I don’t feel that I should have to do that to make the candle pool, and as soon as I removed the foil it began to tunnel again.

    It’s funny that you mention Walmart candles because these aren’t any stronger than Walmart candles, and in fact they are in my opinion much WEAKER than the Better Homes and Gardens brand candles. I can pay $6 for a large BH&G jar candle and it will have a stronger, longer-lasting throw than these $27 Yankee Candles! They are on par with the Walmart Mainstays brand, or possibly even worse. I thought maybe it’s because I bought them during the summer sale, and maybe they use “special” candles that have less scent to them so they’re cheaper to manufacture… but if that was their goal, it backfired, because I’ll never buy another Yankee Candle again!

    Bath and Body Works candles smell really great, but they burn too quickly for my liking with the three wicks. For now I guess I’m back to BH&G and B&BW when they’re on sale, and whatever other brands I can find, because YC is not worth it!!

  66. Irene Hass

    Just fought with them once again. I’m forever placing an order for scent refills that are on the list as being available and then being told they aren’t. I did just place an order for buy 3 and get one free which I’ve done in the past and I get my free extra ones – not this time – I ordered 6 because I wanted 8 so they gave me a credit for one and forget getting the extras I wrote and got back a sappy note but not my extra refills. Unfortunately I like the gentle scent of the one I purchase and those in the store are way too strong but I suppose I’ve learned my lesson and once my current scents are used up, no more purchases from Yankee Candle. They’ve become too self-important and no longer care about their customers.

  67. Fragrance sweet

    I have recently purchased 3 large jars from Yankee ” Pink Sands, Honey Glow and Cupcake”. these scents were recommended to me by the salesperson as stronger scents. To put a word of fairness in the comments mentioned above, I felt that not all scents were terrific and certain scents like pink sands and honey glow were too overpowering for me as I got a headache from it. However, cupcake was just nice and very pleasant. In addition to these, I also felt that the reed diffusers were not worth the money as they only lasted for 3-4 days for me. I understand that the price could be a little steep but if they really smelled great as what they claimed then I would not mind paying. At the end of the day, consumers are free to make decisions on their purchases.

  68. Caroline

    I agree! I used to be a huge YC fan, but I’ve been dissatisfied with the quality of the smells. I think they are making way too many different fragrances. I purchased a candle from Bath & Body Works yesterday so I will give it a try. Sorry to have to say goodbye to YC but at their prices I can’t waste any more money.

  69. Jen

    I’ve been pretty disappointed lately. Not only have I been having consistent problems with the scent of these candles but I keep getting problems where they burn black smoke. With one of them, I trimmed it down to the 1/4″-1/8″ recommended but it STILL burned black smoke… I had to toss it out. This current one I’ve been using started off with scent and then it seemed to disappear after a while. Then I noticed it started having a lot black smoke as well.

    When I bought these 7-8 years ago I never once had a problem with black smoke nor was the scent as minimal as it is. I’ve purchased some cheap $6-8 candles from little shops and they smell a heck of a lot more and don’t have any problems burning.

    Unfortunately, this may have been the last time that I’ve purchased Yankee Candles.

    1. Leigh

      If you have a problem with a Yankee Candle, do not throw it out. I used to work for the company and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you don’t have a receipt and the candle is already burned, you can exchange it. I just recently bought four and the three of them I burned have tunneled. And I know the correct way to burn it o ensure it doesn’t tunnel. I’m disappointed in the “quality” YC is putting out now and ill be returning these.

      1. Liz

        They don’t smell or fragrance a room. It’s not about if this is a good company with a great return policy or not. The candles are not the same as they once were for a lot more money. The large jar use to be $19.99 people, that was about 10 years ago and they were better candles.

      2. Nic

        Maybe the customer service has disappeared with the scent. I purchased a set of tea candles for the office and three or so had no wick. I emailed them expecting them to send me a couple replacements. Instead they directed me to return them to Amazon! Instead of popping $1.49 worth of tea candles in the mail they expect me to spend time and money packing up defective tea candles? Seriously? I’ll never buy another Yankee Candle.

  70. Jen

    I’ve been pretty disappointed lately. Not only have I been having consistent problems with the scent of these candles but I keep getting problems where they burn black smoke. With one of them, I trimmed it down to the 1/4″-1/8″ recommended but it STILL burned black smoke… I had to toss it out. This current one I’ve been using started off with scent and then it seemed to disappear after a while. Then I noticed it started having a lot black smoke as well.

    When I bought these 7-8 years ago I never once had a problem with black smoke nor was the scent as minimal as it is. I’ve purchased some cheap $6-8 candles from little shops and they smell a heck of a lot more and don’t have any problems burning.

    Unfortunately, this may have been the last time that I’ve purchased Yankee Candles.

  71. Carol

    I purchased a car jar and NOTHING. Nada. I think the older Yankee Candles are much more fragrant than the ones currently on the market. I’m always looking for something with a good throw.

  72. Denise Fulkerson DeBlois

    Wow, I am so glad I found your blog. I used to buy yankee candle years ago and loved how the house smelled from them. So I recently bought a few to get back into the feel of candles for the winter, omg I can’t smell them. I was burning my French vanilla and thinking I can not smell this at all. So I tried a few others and not much smell, what a disappointment. I wasted money on these crap candles

  73. Rachel

    I was starting to think I was losing my sense of smell. I bought several candles and tarts and they barely give off a scent at all. I bought a no name candle on clearance at a local pharmacy for a fraction of the cost and I can still smell it an hour after I blew it out. I will not be purchasing another Yankee candle again. Waste of money!

  74. Nick

    I used to love Yankee candle! However I have noticed the car air fresheners do not last as long as they used to, and candle prices are just way to high! That is when my friend Heidi told me about a local business called Lazotix Candles. Cheap, and soy wax! You should check them out!

  75. Anonymous

    I just received a HUGE yankee candle as a birthday gift and it gives off absolutely NO SCENT whatsoever. They will never again get my business. Absolutely ridiculous. By the way, try Bath N Body works candles. I recently decided to splurge ($12 for a 3-wick is more than I used to spend) but I will never go back to another candle. It makes the entire room smell amazing, it’s great.

  76. Janice

    I just googled “I can’t smell my Yankee Candles” and found your blog. You aren’t the only one who feels this way. I have bought several Yankee tarts recently and my wax cubes that I bought from Walmart are much stronger and I can still smell them hours after the burner is off. I put a Yankee tart in the small guest bathroom and I can barely smell a thing! What the? So disappointing.

  77. Amber

    Yankee candles all smell like cat pee no matter what the name. They are the worst and a huge rip off money wise

    1. Tom

      Thank you!!! I thought I was the only one. EVERY Yankee candle I have ever smelled has a pungent urine odor to me. My wife has to only light them when I’m not home, even then I can always tell by the urine scent they leave behind. Not all candles affect me this way, but all YCs do.

  78. Melissa

    Yankee candles are the absolute worst! So glad you posted this! I only buy candles from small companies or from craft shows. Anyone who spends that much money on a candle that doesn’t smell like anything is crazy!!

  79. Kate Hoffstetter

    Soy candles are the way to go! Clean and much longer burning. Scents are much better quality. Molly Rue Candles are beautiful!

  80. Gayle

    They’ve been going downhill for years. Not sure they’ll ever be worth it again or even in they care to. The tarts also have been cut in scent and don’t last very long.

  81. Anonymous


  82. Kacey Taylor

    Totally agree with you. I’m in the UK and had my first Yankee Candle as a gift back in 1985 what a candle that was, and the throw actually filled the house. Sadly Yankee Candle have changed hands now so many times 4, 5 or is it 6 since it was first established. Therefore with each take over they have decreased I believe the amount of scented oils put into the candles, cutting corners and still expecting the unknowing buyer to be the loser.

    Yankee Candle are now so disappointing. I honestly don’t know why I continue to buy, faithful to the brand I guess, but that has to stop, as all it’s doing is filling the companies pockets and emptying my own.

    I doubt you’ll get much of a roasting.

    1. charlie (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment! It was hard for me too but I’m finally done with Yankee Candles. It’s time for me to move on!

    2. Sandra Varley

      How very true! I have become so frustrated with candles that promise the world and then burn without an real scent throw and leave half of the wax down the side of the container. I become so frustrated with being ripped off that I set up my own candle boutique and every candle I sell is tested by me before I list onto my website. Give the smaller artisan candle makers your money and let the big guys who cut corners to learn by their mistakes. Thank you for having the confidence to say it how it is.


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