Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Jar Review

Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Jar Candle

Welcome fellow candle connoisseurs.  I’m super excited that I finally get to share with you The Candle Review’s first actual review of a candle!  As with any new endeavor I’m learning as I go but my hope is that you as the reader are still able to glean some useful information from these earlier reviews.  Please know that I’m wide open for suggestions so I invite you to post a comment with your thoughts or suggestions (I’d be thrilled to get my first comment on the blog)!  I enjoy writing and I certainly enjoy discerning the nuances of different candles so there’s hope for us yet.  So let’s get started shall we?

Since summer is only a few weeks away I’ve chosen to review none other than Yankee Candle’s Summer Scoop 22 oz. jar candle.  How appropriate!  Although, truthfully, in my corner of the U.S. it’s actually been rainy with temperatures in the 60’s recently.  Yuck!  For me personally, when I burn scented candles there are several factors that come into play regarding which scent I want to burn at that particular time and the weather conditions are often a salient aspect of that decision.  So although I haven’t really been able to fully enjoy the aggregate experience as I’d like to with this particular candle it has still proven to be a pleasurable experience.

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My environment where I experience the candle

I chose to experience this candle in my downstairs living area.  Our house is small so most of my candle experiences occur in the living area or our upstairs bedroom.  The blinds were drawn shut to block out the gloomy rain coming down outside.  I imagine the ideal burning situation for this candle to be a bright and sunny, cloudless, lazy day, but for this burn I’d be purposefully creating an obstruction to the outside glumness.  I decided for this burn I’d try to enhance the summer time vibe by putting on some tunes by Mishka turned down low, book in hand, and eager to waste away a few hours of the day.

The Summer Scoop Scent and Experience

After sparking up this candle a strawberry ice cream aroma slowly began to fill our living area.  The pleasing scent never faded but became even more pervasive as the wax pool grew.  The Summer Scoop induced in me a sweet tooth (this could be good or bad!) so I decided to quite literally scoop myself a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  We didn’t have strawberry ice cream in our freezer but I imagine that to be a wonderful pairing with this candle!  After relishing my sweet treat and mellowing to some new age reggae music the tension in my body started releasing and stresses began to melt away.  For several hours I was able to get in some pleasurable reading and I was frequently brought back to the moment with a marvelous whiff of strawberry ice cream pleasantry.  The scent was mostly of strawberries, but had hints of a sweetness, creaminess, and fruitiness that really balanced well and continued throughout the entirety of the burn.

Summer Scoop Burn Details

Summer Scoop jar candle burning with full wax pool
Summer Scoop burning great with a beauty of a wax pool

The first burn of my Summer Scoop jar candle did not require any initial wick trimming.  Your mileage may vary.  The newly exposed wick was maybe 1/2 an inch or so but without a trimming it still didn’t produce that dreaded flickering black soot.  On my next burn of the candle I’ll certainly be sure to trim the wick. The wax pool grew to just about an 1/8 of inch away from the jar container.  I’m a bit OCD about forming a full wax pool, especially on the first burn, so I used some tricks to help it along to form that perfect wax pool.  I plan on revealing those tricks in a future blog post in case any of my readers harbor a bit of OCD themselves.  There was minimal flickering thanks to my illumalid candle topper, although a bit of flickering in new candles is inevitable, but it didn’t seem affect the initial burn.

Other Summer Scoop Candle Variations Available

If you’re not into the larger jar candles then Yankee Candles offers a variety other sizes and types of the Summer Scoop scented candles that might better fit your needs.  Just beware that with the smaller sizes the scent will likely have less of a scent throw although the scent will be be the same.  The smaller candles they offer though are much better if you want to burn for shorter periods of time or in smaller areas.  Here are some of the alternative Summer Scoop varieties offered:

I’d love to hear if any of my readers have experienced this candle before.  You can leave any comments below.  The summer scoop will definitely be a fixture that will be mixed into my rotation heavily this summer, especially for those lazy, sunny, summer afternoons.  Happy Burning, folks!


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  4. Gibbs Ryan

    This is very helpful. thank you admin!!!

  5. Donna

    Just happened upon this review. Although I agree with many aspects of your review, ie the beautiful pink wax pool etc, I have to say that I am disappointed in the throw. Although it does smell lovely when I’m in close proximity, it disperses enough where I can barely detect in my open concept living room. I used to be a massive Yankee Candle fan. Always had one burning and no matter what the scent was, it always filled a room. I don’t find this to be true anymore. Ever since this company changed hands (2x now), the amount of detectable scent is minuscule. Since on lockdown for Quarantine, I have probably burned about 10 of the large jars (no lie!) – and they are all TERRIBLE! I just can’t justify spending $30 per candle anymore per candle for something that does not deliver what it claims. I am moving on!! Way too many great candle companies out there to keep playing this game. Can you tell I’m angry???

  6. Candice

    loveeee this scent in a small jar next to my bed for reading-time 🙂


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