“Distiller’s Charred Oak” scented Candleberry Candle Review

Candleberry Distiller's Charred Oak Candle Burning

Candleberry’s “Distiller’s Charred Oak” scented small jar candle cozying up my house

Don’t you just love brand new candles?

I awoke early this morning and first thing I could think about was my excitement to try out one of my newest candles that I got from Candleberry Candles, a family run business headquartered in the state of Kentucky.  They produce a huge variety of scented candles with each candle available in a variety shapes and sizes and I was eager check out this brand of candle.

I received my three small jar candles from Candleberry in the mail yesterday in three different scents: Distiller’s Charred Oak, Lemongrass Essential Oil, and Hot Maple Toddy.  Each candle had a pungent aroma matching their respective names when simply removing the lids to get a sniff before lighting.

This morning I had to make the tough decision of which of these Candleberry candles I was going to light up since I only burn one scented candle at any given time.  It was tough but I had to go with the Distiller’s Charred Oak scent.  The concept of this scent was simply too intriguing for me to pass up.

Here’s the description of this candle’s scent directly from the Candleberry website:

Kentucky Bourbon is made strictly in charred oak barrels. These barrels are currently getting harder and harder for our beloved bourbon distillers to find. We were lucky enough to chemically capture the make-up of the prized charred oak by working closely with perfumers who used real shards of the authentic, famous, charred oak barrel. This fragrance is identical to that of the holding rack houses of the aging barrels of Bourbon.

So I’ve had this candle lit now for about an hour and it kinda makes me want a cocktail!  It packs a full on bourbon aroma however it’s not in an overpowering or overbearing way which you might think.. it’s distinct and quite pleasant.  If I focus on the aroma I can also get a hint of that oaky, wooden barrel aspect, but I can tell that barrel has surely been soaking in bourbon!

Candleberry Distiller's Charred Oak candle unlitDespite the fact that the scent isn’t overbearing the scent throw itself is amazing.  I have the candle lit in my downstairs living area but I am able to still smell the aging bourbon even when I’m upstairs.

This very cool candle is one of those unique candles that that has the ability to serve as a conversation starter.  Light this baby up in your man cave and call the fella’s over for the game.  They’ll surely think you’ve got some kind of bootleg operation going on!  (Hey, candle’s are allowed in man caves if they smell like aging bourbon, right?!)

The candle itself burns well.  I did have to trim the wick a bit right after lighting it the first time as the flame was too large and dancing around creating some sooting, but after the wick trimming it burned fabulously and soot free.  The wick itself was ever so slightly off center as well but something I should be able to remedy with my wicker dipper after this initial burn.

Candle toppers fit Candleberry candles perfectly

Candle topper fits perfectly!

Both of my illumalid candle toppers fit this small jar perfectly and help to create a nice wax pool.  I can’t stress enough the importance of using a candle topper on any jar type candle container so the fact that they fit these Candleberry candles is awesome!  Way to go, Candleberry!

Overall this is a great candle and I’m impressed by the distinctness and accuracy of this scent as well as the scent throw this Candleberry candle puts out.  I’m really looking forward to burning the other two Candleberry scents to see how they measure up.

Well, it’s still morning time as I’m wrapping up this review so unfortunately it’s probably too early for a bourbon cocktail… we’ll see.. but hey at the very least I get to enjoy that soft smell of bourbon aging in oak barrels for the rest of my day.

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Candleberry Distilled Charred Oak Scented Small Jar Candle
  • 9/10
    Scent - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Scent Throw (how intense is the scent) - 10/10
  • 7.5/10
    Burn Quality - 7.5/10


Scent: An awesomely accurate capture of bourbon aging in oak barrels which isn’t overpowering and hits the olfactory just right
Scent throw: This scent can be smelled throughout the entirety of my house, both upstairs and downstairs, when it’s burning but somehow at the same time is NOT overbearing.
Burn quality: The candle burns well with a bit of maintenance. An initial wick trim and a bit of wick re-centering was required but burns without issue afterwards.



  1. kelvi

    Great post! i found this yankee candle on amazon, it smells really good check it out http://tinyurl.com/ydc2l2dg

  2. David Hook

    This candle scent intrigues me so I am going to put in an order. Have you ever tried any Voluspa candles; I can usually find them at Central Market in Houston. They used to make one called Warm Perique Tabac but I have not been able to find anything close to this. Any recommendations?

  3. Anonymous

    This candle scent intrigues me so I am going to put in an order. Have you ever tried any Voluspa candles; I can usually find them at Central Market in Houston. They used to make one called Warm Perique Tabac but I have not been able to find anything close to this. Any recommendations?

  4. Jan rose fowler

    There is no candle in the market that can compare with Candleberry, my favorite I s Candleberry. Cafe.

    1. charlie (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment Jan! I’m really starting to favor the large jar Candleberry candles over Yankee Candles. Yankee Candle scent throw has been disappointing in several of my recent purchases. Have a great day!

  5. ashley

    KY girl here and I adore Candleberry candles! Wait until you light the hot maple toddy up, its by far my all time favorite!!!!!!!

    1. charlie (Post author)

      Ashley, thanks for the comment! I’ve not gotten around to firing up the Hot Maple Toddy.. perhaps I need to move it to the front of the line!


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