Unique and Creative Candles

In this post I’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative candles and unique candles available for sale today that I’ve come across while searching the world wide web for cool candles.  The design and aesthetics of these awesome candles really blew my mind and some of these candles are so unique I had to do a double-take to be sure they were indeed actually candles.

  1. The Froot Loop Scented Cereal Bowl Candle
    Look again… that’s a 3 wick candle you’re looking at.  This candle is brilliantly absurd!  The bowl and spoon are real, but the milk and cereal are froot loop scented candle wax.  This candle is from a very popular seller on Etsy who has 5 star rating from more than a thousand different reviewers.
    Creative Froot loop scented candle
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milk Scented Candle
    Another food themed candle from the same Etsy seller.  Just looking at this one gives me a sweet tooth.  This awesome candle uses a real glass for the container but has a milk and cookie scented and shaped wax within.
    Chocolate Chip and Milk scented decorative and creative candle
  3. Scented Banana Pudding Cake
    Sticking with the food theme and here and from the same Etsy seller, this is one of several different cake themed candles offered.  The other two cool cake candles that I loved are the Strawberries and Cream Dessert Candle and the Chocolate Parfait Candle.  All of these cake candles are scented to match the cake’s represented.
    Cool banana pudding scented food themed candle

    NOTE: If you liked any of those first three candles which are all from the same Etsy seller, CandlelitDesserts then I highly recommend you check out their other inventory.  At the time of this blog post they have 178 total unique and creative candles and soap items available.  Which is too many to list in this single blog post!

  4. Unique Hand Carved Purple Candle
    This is a hand carved candle that is dipped in acrylic lacquer after it hardens and is one of many colors available from the seller.  With such elegant and intricate detail and the amazing coloring I think these would make for great decor for a wedding.
    Unique hand carved purple candle
  5. Miller Lite Beer Bottle Candle
    For all of you college kids out there!  Nothing says class like having a lite beer bottle candle displayed prominently in your home!  These would however be perfect for your man cave, or for as a fun gift!
    Miller Lite candle
  6. Another Beautiful Hand Carved Unique Candle
    Here’s another hand carved candle that I thought was really cool.  This seller does incredible things with the candles she creates and they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs.  Be sure to check out all of her inventory at her Etsy store.
    Beautiful hand carved flower candle
  7. White Wedding Centerpiece Candles
    These spherical shaped candles with rose designs all around them are described as wedding candles, but these could be used for plenty of other ceremonies or even as a cool house decor candle.  Also the seller lets you choose from a variety of colors, although I would think the white would likely show off the design the best.
    White Wedding Spherical Decorative Candles
  8. Wine Glass Candle
    Oooh a fancy candle!  And you can choose your color and from a huge variety of scents.  Made right here in the mountains of my home state of North Carolina too so you know it’s gotta be good!
    Wine Glass Candles
  9. Soy Hazel Nut Coffee Candle 16oz
    This one is certainly a unique candle.  The coffee beans in this one are real and the scent is described by one reviewer as “so warm and cozy” and as “wonderful” by multiple reviewers.
    Coffee Hazel Nut Candle 16oz
  10. Blue Carved Unusual Gift Candle
    These are just awesome looking candles.  This one apparently is acrylic lacquer applied to it as well which gives it that shiny property.

I hope you’re as in awe of these unique and creative candles as much as I am.  There’s so many more that you can find by browsing around at Etsy.  These ten I’ve listed here don’t even scratch the surface of what’s available.  This will likely be the first of a series of posts compiling lists of the many available unique and creative candles that are out there.  If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to read more like it as they become available please subscribe to our mailing list!

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