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Himalayan Salt Lamp – Health Benefits, Do they really Work?

Himalayan Salt LampHi Candle Friends!  I haven’t posted in a while but I had to tell you about a nifty item I’ve recently come across called a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

It’s a lamp made of salt that puts out negative ions into the room which are claimed to have multiple health benefits, including reducing anxiety, sleeping better, better breathing ability, among many others.

So, are these claims of health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps really true?  Does this magic salt lamp really work?

Well, after my research I decided there is enough potential that they may indeed have a positive impact on my families health and well being that I decided to go ahead and purchase this particular Himalayan Salt Lamp.

My preliminary research found that there is a scientific case to be made that many of the claims that exposure to more negative ions are potentially true, although I couldn’t find a scientific study specifically on the impacts of salt lamps.

As always, I took to reading reviews on Amazon for the salt lamp I purchased to find out more.  To my surprise there were hundreds of positive reviews claiming all kinds of personal health benefits.

That in itself was enough for me to decide to undertake this experiment.  And on the chance it doesn’t actually provide us any substantial health and well being benefits then it still is a cool looking lamp that will put off a soft pink glow.

I only ordered the lamp a few days ago so I have yet to receive it in the mail.  The plan is to put it in the bedroom and over the course of several weeks see if I there’s any discernible improvement to our energy levels, my near constant allergies, or any other benefits I might notice and report back.

Be sure to check back soon to read a follow up post about my own personal experience with these things!


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