Ranger Station Supply Co.’s Leather + Pine Candle Review

The candle container is actually a bourbon glass

I recently came across an intriguing new start up candle company, Ranger Station Supply Co., which prides itself on developing candles aimed at tapping into the masculine and/or rugged side of one’s self.

From the bourbon glass container that the candle comes in to the unique scents inspired by nature’s wilderness, these candles can’t help but to appeal to the gentleman faction of the candle loving population.  To put it succinctly, these are probably Ron Swanson’s favorite candles!

Ranger Station Supply Co. sports six different scents at the moment:  Leather+Pine, Tobacco+Musk, Oakmoss, Amber+Clove, Fire, & Pretty Good.  To determine which one I should get I actually contacted an employee from their company who enthusiastically informed me their best selling scent is the Leather+Pine and as such recommended that one.

The Leather+Pine candle arrived yesterday safely packaged along with a Ranger Station Supply Co. branded box of matches which unexpected and truly a nice touch (these guys are classy!).

Ranger Station Supply Co. Pine Leather Feature Image

I lit my new candle for the first time this morning and within approximately 15 minutes there were leather and pine aromas intermingling throughout my living room.  Just as advertised, there ain’t nothing “girly” about this one!

Interestingly, the two scents this candle claims to represent are indeed quite easily distinguishable while at the same time combine to create a unique synergy.  The leathery aroma is ever present and slightly more assertive while the pine scent plays a recurring undertone role not far off in the background.  When I focus on the candle as a whole I can let the synergized aroma transport me hiking through a pine straw floored forest.  It takes me back to camping as a kid!

Their candles are two-wicked which I love.  I’ve become a big fan of the multi-wick candles.  Their two wicks ensure there’s plenty of heat to easily form a complete wax pool to the edge of the bourbon glass container.  I had a full wax pool in just under two hours with this candle.  The two wicks also allow the wax pool to form quicker resulting in a less wait time for the scent throw to develop.

And what about that bourbon glass container?  It’s literally a bourbon glass that you can use once you’ve burnt through your candle!  How cool is that?  The glass not only does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of these candles but it also exudes class and elegance wherever you may choose to burn them.  The Ranger Station Supply Co’s website even provides handy instructions for procuring the glass once you’re candle reaches the end of its life.

The candle itself burns great as well.  The two wicks were evenly spaced in the container and I encountered no sooting issues during the initial burn.  With a properly trimmed wick I don’t anticipate any problems with this candle in  subsequent burns.

Mikaela Hamilton- RS rebrand-31

If their other candles they offer are as accurate to their description as the Leather + Pine is then I think it’ll be hard to go wrong with any of their other scents either.  I’ll probably try the Tobacco + Musk on the next go around with this company.

These candles are great for the man cave, but

just know the Ranger Station Supply’s website claims they’re “captivating to the most tasteful of women as well.”  So don’t be shy, ladies!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a fantastic week.


  1. Janet Maulding

    I have a wood wick candle – Bakery Cupcake. I have loved woodwick candles in the past.
    This candle smell like a bad wick – fuely smelling. I can’t stand to burn it. Have retried
    several times and still can’t go it. I still have well over half left. Who or where do I go to
    get an answer on this problem. Please help.

  2. Riya Sen

    Very Nice Candles Collections !

  3. BJ

    I stumbled on these candles in Franklin , TN. I bought Leather & Pine for my office and it smells amazing! Not too floral or sweet or pungent to the point of giving one a headache. I can see why it is there best seller!

  4. Lorraine

    Love the article! Very well written these candles sound intriguing

  5. Lori Mathews

    I just bought four of the big candles and I am soooooo disappointed in them. I can light every one of them and not smell a thing! And the cups that go in the burners are no better!

  6. Kate Hoffstetter

    Please check out Molly Rue soy candles. They have some amazing scents! My favorites are Island Escape and Blooming Sakura. http://www.mollyrue.com/

  7. Shelby Wright

    These candles look amazing!


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