Summer Time Candle Burning – Happy Father’s Day!


Greetings, fellow candle aficionados.  It’s Sunday morning, Father’s day, and also the first day of Summer today! This morning I’m relaxing on the couch as I write this, drinking coffee, and enjoying an autumn aroma filling up our living room coming from our Harvest scented Yankee Candle jar.  Why am I burning a fall candle when I could be burning a much more appropriate candle for summer time?

Some words of advice: be very careful when letting your two and a half year old daughter pick out which candle to burn for the day! However, I was not about to challenge my baby girl on the point that an autumn harvest scented candle may not be entirely suitable for the summer solstice.  And I’m glad that I didn’t.  One of the many things I’ve re-learned as a parent is that spontaneity can be a lot of fun.

I rarely if ever burn a candle whose scent doesn’t seem appropriate for the season, but today I’ve learned from my two year old that there’s really nothing wrong with mixing the current season with an off-season candle. In fact it can be pretty neat.  As I get the occasional whiff of the harvest scent, which was last burned back in October maybe, I get notions of football, changing leaves, cool crisp air, and pumpkin patches floating around in my brain! Here we are at the inception of summer and I’m in my house enjoying these personal autumn memories brought to the forefront of my mind by nothing more than the scent from a candle.  That’s pretty amazing – what an awesome father’s day gift given to me unknowingly from by daughter.

I’ll be burning this candle all day and plan to catch a baseball game on television later this afternoon.  I can’t wait for the fall when I’m burning this same harvest scented candle to see if I’ll then have recollections of watching a sunny game at the park. So far the autumn candle in the summer is an unexpected success thanks to my daughter. Perhaps next weekend we’ll experiment with burning a Christmas wreath scent!

I hope everyone has a great Father’s day and a wonderful summer!  Take care and happy burning!

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