Tea Lights and Wax Melts – A Perfect Combination

Tea light wax tart warmer

If you’ve ever found yourself desiring a more intense scent throw from your candles when you’re burning them then this post was written just for you.  If I had to quantify the difference between the scent throws of a typical wax melt (aka ‘tarts’) compared to that of a typical scented candle I would say the wax melt’s scent throw is at least 3 times as strong! That’s a pretty incredible scent throw. For some people wax melts might even put out too much aroma for their preference. If you’ve not used wax melts in the past you should give them a try, especially considering how inexpensive they can be compared to what you pay for a decent scented candle.

Types of Wax Melt (or Tart) Warmers

There are two basic ways to go about warming wax melts, or tarts.  You can get an electric tart warmer or you can get a warmer that uses a tea light candle as the heat source.  I personally prefer the latter because I love to have a candle burning.  If you choose a warmer that uses a tea light you’re going to want to ensure that you have unscented tea lights because the melted tart should provide you with plenty of scent throw.  Check out Amazon’s tea light tart warmers that they currently have available.

The electric warmers however can be pretty convenient since you don’t need tea lights and you can turn them on and off as you wish.  In my opinion Amazon has a much better selection of the electric warmers compared to tea light warmers as well.  So if convenience is your goal you should give those a look.

Kinds of Wax Melts (or Tarts)

There are quite literally thousands of different wax melts or tarts available for use.  I personally use the cheapo ‘Better Home & Garden’ tarts from Walmart that are about two bucks for six melts.  I highly recommend them for anyone and my Walmart has a great selection of scents.  They put off an outstanding scent throw and last for two or three full tea light burns.  A truly great value for your money, in my opinion.


  1. Karla Ferro

    what’s the best tea light to buy to use for wax melts that last the longest cuz I’m going through tea lights like a crazy lady

    1. Claire

      When using a tea light, do u face the flame forward of do u place facing back side to see light through slots in burner?
      Thank you sooo much for your time!

  2. Rebecca

    Can i buy the plain white tea lights and melt them and add a scent and color for a tart

  3. Patricia malone

    I used better homes wax melts with a tea light and the fragrance is more intense but after a while i see smoke..it concerns me that it may ignite.

    1. Patricia

      I found the same thing. Not worth the risk IMO.
      I’ll stick to the electric warmers with the wax melts and the use tea light system with the pucks that are designed for that (the wax is harder)

  4. Jade Brunet

    I am happy to have found this information concerning tea lights and wax melts. It is good to know that this combination can offer a more intense scent from your candle. Something to consider would be to find these products in the colors that please you for a price within your budget.

  5. Donna Smith

    This shop has some beautiful tarts
    McIntosh Apple very strong.


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