Supplies to make your own Candles


Lately I’ve had an itch to dive into the DIY (do it yourself) candle world and have been researching supplies that are needed for making your own candle.  I think I’ll quite enjoy the satisfaction of creating my own candles the same way I get that indescribable gratification of growing my own tomatoes and peppers each summer.  There’s something therapeutic about creating your own spoils!

As it turns out there are literally hundreds of stores and business out there that provide candle making supplies (enough to make your head spin!).   I’ve decided to go with Amazon to source all my candle making needs, at least for this first pass at this new endeavor.  I can get every single thing I need from a single website in a single order.  Additionally, the fairly recent big boom of the do it yourself candle maker has resulted in thousands of bulk wax, wick, container, and candle making equipment purchases directly from Amazon’s site that has in turn resulted in hundreds of reviews of each of the products I’m interested in.  The work to find quality supplies has already been done for me there!

I’ve compiled this list of some of the highest rated, best selling candle making supplies offered by a multitude of sellers on the Amazon platform that I intend to purchase myself for my very first candle creating adventure.  I’m confident I’ll be getting the best and highest quality candle making supplies.  Note the prices listed in the table were taken at the time of this posting and may have changed depending on when you’re reading this.

SupplyCandle Making SuppliesPrice
The Candlemaker’s Store Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag$19.05
Smokeless Candle Wicks,100pcs$9.99
20 Pack Candle Jars with Lids$18.29
Fragrance Oils (Note there are TONs of other scents to choose from on Amazon!)
CandleScience Summer Collection Fragrance Sampler Scent with 4 Bottles$14.59
CandleScience Candle Making Pitcher$14.54
Metal Candle Wick Centering Device (6 pieces)$5.85

This should be enough to get me started.  The one thing I decided to skip on is the candle dyes since the soy wax comes in a plain white color which I find is satisfactory.  If you’re wanting to spice up your candles be sure to pick up some wax dye as well.

I also decided to get my supplies individually as opposed to investing in a kit as I think the candle supplies I have listed will be of better quality that I should be able to re-use again and again and will also likely yield more candles than from a kit.  Since I only need to buy most of this stuff once and if I like the hobby as much as I think I will all I need in the future is to pick up more wicks and wax. If you’re looking to just make a few candles and likely will consider this as a one time thing you may want to check out this particular kit which appears to be the most bought with the highest reviews.

I’m hopeful this will be a fun activity for our family and I hope to be sharing with you my finished home made candles in a future blog post!  Do you have experience or recommendations from making your own candles?  Please share in the comments section!  Happy candle burning!


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  3. Coco Adams

    So happy to find you blog today. I love candles and have recently been thinking about making my own and had also chosen Amazon but there are so many choices. Your post is helpful and I think I’ll start with some of your recommendations. I’ll circle back with you to report my success later.


  4. Justine Brown

    This made me smile ‘cos I just went through this process. I was going through a lot of candles, and I wanted to try my hand at a vanilla/coconut combination. I ended up ordering basic kits from EBay– there are pricey ones with lots of extras, but I found I had a lot of the equipment in my kitchen. I started with soy wax, and am now experimenting with paraffin and beeswax blended. I’m also doing tarts, because the hot throw is so intense.

    The fragrance oils are the engrossing part. I now spend hours poring over the lists on various websites. I’m definitely a “foodie” when it comes to fragrance oils– there’s a whole category called Bakery and I go straight to that. I found a great thread on candle makers’ favourite and best-selling fragrances; that was really helpful!


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