Why Yankee Candles Suck!

yankee candles get a thumbs down

(The Candle Review’s recommended alternative to Yankee Candles: Candle Berry Candles) I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to even publish this post. Yankee Candle sits alone atop the candle world and by far has the biggest fanbase amongst candle…
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Supplies to make your own Candles

Lately I’ve had an itch to dive into the DIY (do it yourself) candle world and have been researching supplies that are needed for making your own candle.  I think I’ll quite enjoy the satisfaction of creating my own candles…
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Votivo Red Currant Aromatic Candle

I’ve been researching different candle companies that are considered to produce “luxury candles” in the hopes of getting my hands on some to share my thoughts on them with you. In my exploration I’ve stumbled upon one particular Votivo candle…
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Unique and Creative Candles

In this post I’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative candles and unique candles available for sale today that I’ve come across while searching the world wide web for cool candles.  The design and aesthetics of these…
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Yankee Candle Under the Palms Review

I’m burning Yankee Candle’s Under the Palms scented large jar candle and it’s a single degree above freezing outside this morning. I honestly don’t mind winter but you know sometimes it can be good for the soul to ponder on…
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Hope. Love. Dream. Wax Warmers!

Wax warmers are one of the candle’s oft overlooked side kicks that can provide excellent scent throws in a short amount of time while many also offer a warm and subtle light creating a relaxing ambiance in any room. I…
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